Arabs: Stop Israel targeting terrorists inside Syria

Arab League wants Israel to stay out of Syria, and ignores that Iranian backed terrorists gets their hands on advanced weapons.

Israeli airstrikes inside Syria is an act of self defense.
Israeli airstrikes inside Syria is an act of self defense.

Egypt on Sunday condemned Israeli air strikes on Syria, with the Arab League also demanding that the UN Security Council act to stop what it called “Israeli attacks” against the war-torn country.

The Egyptian presidency said in a statement the air strikes “violated international law and principles that will further complicate the situation.” The raids reportedly targeted rockets destined for Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

The Arab League, which like Egypt sides with rebels against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, demanded the Security Council “act immediately to end Israeli attacks on Syria,” which it called a “dangerous violation of an Arab state’s sovereignty.”

The presidency in Cairo affirmed “its extreme opposition” to the Syrian regime’s brutal crackdown on rebel-held areas, but accused Israel of “exploiting its internal conflict”.

A senior Israeli source said an overnight aerial assault hit Iranian weapons destined for the Hezbollah, which is closely allied to the Syrian regime.

Source: The Daily Star, Lebanon.

My comment:

For the Arab League, any Israeli involvement in Syria will be branded as a provocation. Even if the IDF did as the Arab League desired, and removed the Assad regime from power.

The Arab League is fully aware that Israel is not interesting in removing Basher al Assad, be hindering that his weapons of mass destruction do not end up in the hands of Islamic terrorists. Regardless if they are sunny fractions of Egytian Islamic Jihad, or shia terrorists from Hizb”Allah.

Israel can not tolerate that Iranian made missiles in Syria comes into the hands of Islamic terrorists. The Arab League could care less, as long as these missiles are not used to remove any Arab regime from power, but rather used to cripple and kill Jews.

 Isaiah 57:14

[ Comfort for the Contrite ] And it will be said: “Build up, build up, prepare the road! Remove the obstacles out of the way of my people.”

Such in the nature of evil. Support Israel’s right to self defense, by blocking Islamic terrorists from getting their hands of advanced military equipment inside Syria.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Arabs: Stop Israel targeting terrorists inside Syria

  1. I’m kinda thinking it would be nice for the terrorists to stop targeting Israelis inside Israel… But maybe I’m biased.

    Just seems like hypocrisy by the Muslims to expect the other side to play by different rules. At least the Israelis target the enemy and not random civilians.

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