Afghan President on the payroll of the CIA

Afghan President Hamid Karzai Monday acknowledged that his office has been receiving money from the CIA over the past 10 years.

The Afghan President to not take credit cards, but desired to see the green bucks being brought inside his cabin in suitcases.
The Afghan President do not take credit cards, but desired to see the green bucks being brought inside his cabin in suitcases.

Karzai dismissing the monthly cash payments as a “small amount.”

Mr. Karzai addressed the issue after the New York Times reported on Sunday that the CIA has made tens of millions of dollars in secret payments, often cash packed in shopping bags, as it sought to maintain influence over Afghanistan’s mercurial leader.

The winner of the Nobel price of peace, shakes hands with of on his CIA-agents.
The winner of the Nobel price of peace, shakes hands with one of his CIA-agents.

“Yes, the office of the national security has been receiving support from the United States for the past 10 years,” Mr. Karzai told reporters at a news briefing in Helsinki, Finland, responding to a question whether he has received CIA cash. “Monthly. Not a big amount. A small amount which has been used for various purposes.”

Source: The Wall Street Journal.

My comment:

We must not be to harsh with Mr. Karzai, but understand his problems.

Since the supplies to Walmart in Kabul is so irregular, to get even a small glass of American peanut butter is almost beyond reach.

Therefor, it is for the good of the Afghan people, that Mr. Karzai have got some extra pocket money, to be used for “various purposes.”.

Keep in mind, that the Pentagon is also not what it used to be. Because of lack of funds: Forget a nice peg of Jack Daniels being served at the right occasions. Now there is hardly a glass of diet Cock being served, when the men from Washington comes to spread “peace” in Central Asia.

Do not forget: CIA might not be able to bring good stuff to the men in charge of “American controlled Kabul” forever.  Just think of the horrors of Saigon, where even the US Ambassador could no longer watch “Super Bowl” on his TV-screen, because of to much noise in the backyard.

Proverbs 20:19

A gossip betrays a confidence; so avoid anyone who talks too much.

Let us therefor hope that the CIA is not forced to cut the allowances of  Mr. Karzai, making him unable to get his hands on the latest copy of Donald Duck.

Written by Ivar

26 thoughts on “Afghan President on the payroll of the CIA

  1. To all commentators.
    Why don’t you write your entire names and the nations, you belong to. I should like you to do so.

      1. Have you ever heared of secrets among true Christians?
        I don’t find it specially well. It leads to mistrust.

      2. I actually have not heard of that quote. Now I will answer your question. I do not post my full name here, nor do I post where I’m from because I have young children I have to worry about. That is basically why I do not post my private information here, out in the open. I hope you can respect that.

      3. Lis,

        I have not checked my email since this weekend, and the last thing you asked me was permission to post my story on your blog. That was fine.

        Now for you to sit there and say I’m afraid of telling the truth is wrong. I told you I have two children I have to protect. Leave it at that. It doesn’t matter if you believe me or not.

        I would think as a Christian yourself, you can take my word for it, and back off a little. This blog does not require anyone to post any personal information here, nor does anyone have to just because you asked. This blog is to discuss the Word of God.

      4. To Lis: I choose not to provide you with personal information. And I have stated my reasons why. The only people who know where I am from, where I was born, and other personal information are Ivar and Sue. That is because they have known me for a while now, and vice versa.You don’t have to like my reasoning, but you can respect that it is my choice. Let’s leave it at that, and move on.

        To All Commentators: NTM blog will never ask you to post any personal information on this site. You are free to comment, without having to reveal any personal info. God Bless.

      5. Dear tvillingsyster.

        In Denmark the true Christianity went astray in embracing the Church Grow Movement. Only a few dared to speak against it.
        Should we have done that undercover?
        In that case I don’t think, our objection would have been respected.
        And I would have a guilty conscience.

      6. Dear Lis.

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        On News That Matters there are dozen of articles that takes a stand against the compromising Church. Let it be small or large.

        Rick Warren has been exposed. The Word of Faith Movement (Hagin, Copeland, Hinn and Osteen, among others) have been exposed and branded as a heretic cult, and the Prosperity gospel a sure way through the wide gates of Hell.

        I hope you feel that this site feeds you with the right stuff, that is useful to share with others. News That Matters is a tool available for all.

      7. Lis,
        You said: In Denmark the true Christianity went astray in embracing the Church Grow Movement. Only a few dared to speak against it. Should we have done that undercover?

        My comment: Your comment is out of line. I think you should respect the fact that people want personal privacy for different reasons, including the most important safety.

        And your sarcasm did not fly above my head. If you can’t respect me or what I choose, then that’s on your own conscience, not on mine.

      8. This comment wasn’t for you, Gloria.
        It is about somthing quite different.
        I hope, one or another Dane are reading this block,
        I have linked to it a lot of times.

      9. Dear Lis.

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        You wrote:

        I don’t feel welcome here, so i will retire.

        My reply:

        If you want to retire, do not blame the News That Matters team.

        I could have written this to you in an private email, but feel like replying in public. Since you wrote this message in public.

        There is no one here who have spoken bad about you, or written anything to harm you. You have also come to News That Matters of your free will, and not by force. Please respect that not all agree with you. This is an internet forum, an open web society for debate on matters of faith. People can come here being sure of absolute privacy, and learn.

        The Word of God is truth. Let us keep the right focus. No one can come to the Father in Heaven, but through His only begotten Son, Jesus the Messiah.

      10. Dear Lis and all readers.


        I want to thank Lis for translating articles from News That Matters into Danish. In this way the truth reach people who have even less understanding of English, than i do. I sincerely apologize for my bad grammar and wrong spellings.

      11. Lis,

        You are welcome to post here. No one has told you not to. In your previous comment to tvillingaster, you write about undercover. And then in your previous comments to me, you ask why I keep my identity secret. You can understand my confusion.
        I just wanted to be clear on the privacy issue.

        God Bless,


      12. Hi Gloria
        I also agree with you about privacy and security.
        in fact i received an email from a friend who is a missionary and he has asked for us not to refer to him and /or his wife as missionaries for security reasons. I respect that and desire his safety and well being.
        Its quite OK with me.
        having said that, if someone wants to reveal all kinds of personal things about themselves, so be it. Personally I don”t want to know these things.
        Also; Gloria, some time ago I shared with NTMers of my special needs daughter who was going through some difficult times regarding her health. I know you prayed cause you said you would and so did Andrea, another NTMer. Praise Jesus, after several months and him revealing the secrets of her problem,
        she is much, much better. I know you prayed. Thankyou so much

      13. Todd,

        I am so happy your daughter is better. Glory to Jesus!

        I also know of several pastors who preach in dangerous countries, with one of them having there bus ambushed. Thank God The Lord protected them.

        God Bless


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