Deputy minister call Ultra Orthodox Jews “parasites”

Deputy Finance Minister Mickey Levy (Yesh Atid) denounced the haredim as “parasites” during an interview on haredi radio on Wednesday morning.

An Israeli policeman chase an Ultra Orthodox Jew who have refused to obey orders.
An Israeli policeman chase an Ultra Orthodox Jew who has refused to obey police orders during a protest in Jerusalem.

He almost immediately retracted the comment, explaining that it was said “in a moment of anger.”

But radio host Moti Lavi, who is himself haredi, would not dismiss the deputy finance minister’s remark so easily. “I’m surprised,” Lavi said. “I’ve known Mickey Levy as someone who was able to understand and work with the haredim.”

Referring to Levy’s former role as Jerusalem district police chief, Lavi said that he had “managed to do in Jerusalem what others could not”, but he was now not the same man who had demonstrated those “magical abilities.”

Levy’s controversial comment came while he was talking about haredi integration into Israel’s labor force. “They must shoulder the burden together, they  must integrate,” he said. “They cannot be a parasite on the Israeli public.”

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

It is painful for a Christian Zionist to see the harsh words Israelis are using against each other.  Some Orthodox Jews are angry with secular Jews, because they do not follow the Law of Moses.  Often secular Jews are called “goyim”, or a unclean gentile.

Many Orthodox Jews believe that the Messiah will not come before a majority of the Jews up held the laws of the Sabbath. So in their mind and heart, secular Israelis are the reason for the Messiah’s delay.

On the other side of the divide, secular Zionist Israelis are fed up with religious Jews who want to live on state aid. Neither are they willing to work, nor serve in the armed forces. Some of the Ultra Orthodox sects even desire to see the present state of Israel being dismantled.

I regret the chaotic political and cultural environment in Israel. Praise Jesus that this is only a war of words.

I wish the Jewish people could stand as One, and defend God’s city Jerusalem and the land of their forefather. I hope and pray that Jesus the Messiah will keep on helping and blessing them, despite the majority of Jews rejecting that He is the Messiah. They can expect no on else to come and rescue them. Amen.

Written by Ivar

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