New book on worship of skulls and bones

One of the most disputed maters of spirituality is Roman Catholic worship of corpses, skulls and bones.

You can buy this PDF-book on for 20 US dollars.

This kind of religious practices is not permitted in Biblical Christianity. Therefore Catholicism should not be mistaken as Christianity.

True Christianity can never be defined by mans claim of “holiness”, and religious practices. Only the scriptures define the true faith. The Bible alone is the highest authority in matters of the Christian faith.

When Roman Catholicism is branded as “Christianity”, hundreds of millions of people get a wrong impression about God of the Bible. They simply do not want to have anything to do with what they sense is a corrupted religion with priests who are indulged in the affairs of the World.  Book3
You can buy this book on You can click on this image.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “New book on worship of skulls and bones

  1. John 5:39-40 says:
    “You search the Scriptures because you believe they give you eternal life. But the Scriptures point to me! Yet you refuse to come to me so that I can give you this eternal life.”

    So correct on you Ivar and team. Truth is always different it seems. Sin, corruptions and lawlessness are everywhere and its increasing at an abnormal level. But your exposing ministry, points only Catholics. Why?

    1. Dear Oldman


      But your exposing ministry, points only Catholics. Why?

      My comment:

      Thanks for acknowledging that the articles on News That Matters do have some important points.

      But, Oldman: You have to be spiritual blindfolded, to claim that News That Matters only expose the evils of Catholicism.

      Do you really read the articles on this blog, or do you only come here to comment?

      The attacks on THE TRUTH comes from all sides, and not only from the Vatican in Rome. Like today, I have an article about American Jews targeting Jewish Settlers on the Mountains in Zion. Not a single line inside this article is about the Papacy.

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