Jew-hate in Turkey keeps Israel out of NATO

The Muslim Brotherhood is welcomed as observer in NATO. Turkish opposition keeps Israel out.

Washington and the Ottoman Turks keep the Jews out of NATO.
Washington and the Ottoman Turks keep the Jews out of NATO.

The Mediterranean Dialogue, founded in 2004, is intended to contribute to regional security. Along with Israel and Egypt, the other participating countries are Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritania, Algeria and Jordan.

Turkey nixed the meeting despite Israel’s recent apology for the deaths of nine Turkish citizens three years ago aboard the Mavi Marmara, which was attempting to break Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza. Since then, Turkey and Israel have frozen their diplomatic relations.

The man who control the US government and the Brotherhood in Egypt are jolly good fellows.
The team who control the US government and the Brotherhood in Egypt are jolly good fellows.

Turkey previously rejected Israeli participation in a NATO summit in Chicago last May. It also rebuffed an Israeli request to have a permanent office at NATO.

Meanwhile, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan reiterated April 13 that Turkey will not re-establish diplomatic relations until Israel lifts its blockade on the Palestinian-controlled Gaza Strip. Israel has said that it has loosened restrictions and will continue to do so if this would help normalize relations with Turkey.

Source: Defense News.

My comment:

Since the day NATO supported Islamic Jihad in Libya, the Obama lead defense alliance have become a powerful tool for Islamic objectives.

Now, both Obama and the Ottoman Turks welcome their brothers in Egypt to observe how NATO best can finish off their common “secular enemies” in the Middle East.

Secular Syrian dictator Basher al-Assad feels the heat.  American made missiles and bombs are smuggled into Syria from Turkey, to supply al-Qaeda cells fighting for control over Damascus.  Assad correctly warns. One day these claimed “freedom fighters” will return the fire, from where it came from. The warriors for “allah” wil use their weapons in cities like Paris, London and Boston.

Israel is the hottest of the potatoes for NATO.  Barack Hussein Obama and his team of evil doers, wants to use NATO to bash the Jews.  The more pressure that is put on Israel, the better. The quicker Obama can force Netanyahu to surrender his Zionist convictions, and Islam coming back to power in East Jerusalem.

For all who are not blind, or reject the truth, it is obviously only a matter of time, before the “great prince of peace” in the White House will be able to reach his objectives. May be he him self, after the second term in office is over, will be hailed as the great creator of peace, guiding the whole world from a seat in Jerusalem.

Time will tell.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “Jew-hate in Turkey keeps Israel out of NATO

  1. Jews are being misused since Sumerian times. Turkey destroyed the first declared Christian state. In whose name?
    My assumption in video:

    THE FIRST CHRISTIANITY STATE IS ARMENIA – Accepting in the 301, by Arsacid Dynasty, Christianity as a state religion.

    There is a conspiracy with PetroDollarGroup.

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