Boston and Bagdad feels the heat from failed US policies

Boston Marathon explosions: three dead, more than 100 injured as ‘bombs’ hit race finish line.

The streets of Boston looked a little bit like the streets of Bagdad and Damascus.
The streets of Boston looked a little bit like the streets of Bagdad and Damascus.

At least three people have been killed and another 100 maimed or injured after two “powerful” bombs were detonated at the finish line of the Boston marathon.

Saturday is Iraq’s 1st election since U.S. troops withdrew in December 2011.

Insurgents in Iraq deployed a series of car bombs as part of highly co-ordinated attacks that cut across a wide swath of the country today, killing at least 55 and injuring 300 on the deadliest day in nearly a month.

The streets of cities in Iraq have looked like this since W. Bush declared him self the winner of the war.
The streets of cities in Iraq have looked like this since W. Bush declared him self the winner of the war in March 2003.

The deadliest attacks hit Baghdad, where multiple car bombs and other explosions killed 25 people.

Source: Multiple media.

My comment:

There might be an American neo-Nazi behind the bomb blasts in Boston. But that would not change the bad fruits of the failed US Foreign policies.

US Secretary of State has just been on his first foreign trip to meet Americas allied.

Roman Catholic born John Kerry is a senator from Massachusetts, which has Boston as its state capital. It does not seems that the appointment of Kerry will bring neither “peace” nor “prosperity” to those who put their trust in America.

The US Foreign policy has gone from bad to worse under the Obama administration.  The US tries to please the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Islamic Jihad in Libya, by giving them cash and their best weaponry. Common knowledge about  Muslims is that the weapons you feed them with, will eventually be used to cripple and kill the ignorant and naive sponsor.

You increase the risk of the war, you basically try to keep away from the shores of America, to start on your own home turfs.

 Mark 13:19

because those will be days of distress unequaled from the beginning, when God created the world, until now—and never to be equaled again.

The best way to contain Islam, is to have absolutely nothing to do with it. Muslims are more than capable of crippling and killing their own brethren. The civil war within Islam have now continued for 1.400 years.

Left alone, the Muslim will continue to live in middle age style societies, and not be able to give any threat to civilized societies. But with the help of US “petro dollars” and weaponry gifted by the Pentagon, “Holy warriors” of “allah” are now capable of bringing their curses with them to cities in Europe and America.

The US supported the Taliban and Osama bin Laden, who eventually used their American made weaponry against the US. Such is the foolishness of Washington. They have been told the truth, but they are never able to learn. When the events that took place on September 11th 2001 did not open they eyes of the senators in Washington, nothing will.

Before the Messiah returns, we will all have to pay a heavy prince for the present evils done by the winner of the “Nobel price for peace”, Barak Hussein Obama.

Written by Ivar

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  1. You are so right… a very heavy price..Samuel wept when the people wanted a King to replace God…they wanted a King like their-selves…Well they got one…! in more ways than one!

    And before King Jesus returns…’their wants will be shoved down their throats till they vomit cry out louder for God than they cried out for ‘a King to replace God!! of which we do not deserve…but by amazing Grace HE has allowed us by His awesome love to know Him and all who will ‘wait’ till that last hour and be faithful to matter what…these are the ones I pray for…for He truly deserves a multitude to shout louder than the rocks He created!! Come Quickly Lord Jesus!

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