Ramallah rule based on American military ordinance

PLO-leder Abu Mazen rule in Ramallah based on US Military ordinance. The last “election” was held in january 2006.

The US Dayton Forces who secure the totalitarian PLO's regime in Ramallah.
The US Dayton Forces secure the totalitarian PLO’s regime in Ramallah.

It is amazing how an Islamic terror regime can rule on the Mountains of Zion, beyond the borders of International law, human rights and basic rules of democracy.

The PLO-rule in Ramallah was supposed to expire in 2010, four years after a proxy-election brought holocaust-denier Abu Mazen,  alias Mahmoud Abbas to power.

Former US commander in Rammalh, Ketith Dayton
Former US commander in Rammalh, Ketith Dayton and PLO Brigadier General Munir al-Zoubi.

The American Dayton forces secures the PLO’s grip on power.

Now, three years after the official term of Abu Mazen expired, the correct name for such a regime is:

“A US proxy totalitarian regime, formed to achieve the US polices in the Middle East”.

The US proxy in Ramallah is not a statehood, have no right to exist within the framework of International law, have no borders, and have no democratically elected legislative assembly.

This regime has no stable income, but are in need of monthly transfer of money form Washington, London and Paris.

Still men like Obama hail this regime, and brand it as a “suitable peace partner” for Israel.

The totalitarian regime in Ramallah claim to be the present headquarter of a “Palestinian state”.  It claims that Gaza is a part of this state, still being beyond reach of the PLO and Washington.  Gaza is ruled by another Islamic terror-group, the Hamas, who is supported by the Ayatollah of Iran. The Hamas-regime also receives supplies from the United Nations (UN).

    The present US commander in Ramallah, Vice Admiral Paul J.Bushong.
The US commander in Ramallah, Vice Admiral Paul J.Bushong.

The so-called “West bank” was occupied by Jordan from 1948 to 1967.  Gaza was under the occupation of Egypt, and the Golan Heights controlled by occupation forces from Syria.

Shall the Golan Height also be included in a futuristic “Palestine state”?

Why not?

It was supposed to be a part of areas claim to be owned by “Palestinians”?

To what can we compare this “Palestinian regime”?

After Hitler won the elections in 1932 and 1933, there was no need for more elections. The constitution of Nazi-Germany was changed, so Hitler could rule by military ordinances.  What pleased Hitler, was the de facto law of Germany.

Likewise, what pleases Washington, will be the policy of US proxy Abu Mazen. When Obama visited Ramallah last month, it was the US Dayton forced who secured that the red carpet was rolled out for the US President.

Why do you support this?

President Obama gets a red carpet welcome in Ramallah.
President Obama gets a red carpet welcome in Ramallah.

The rule in Ramallah and the former rule of Berlin is quit similar. It is based in the idea that a “Jew free zone” will bring “prosperity and peace”. Such is the nature of the Nazism you might be a supporter of.

This is written on the website of the State Department:


The USSC assists the Palestinian Authority to transform and professionalize its security sector; engages with the Israelis and Palestinians on security initiatives that build trust and confidence in order to meet Roadmap obligations and supports U.S. and international whole-of-government efforts that set the conditions for a negotiated two-state solution.

Repent or perish.

Read more about the US Military ruler in Ramallah.

Take a stand for Israel, and support the Jewish people who have been betrayed by the deceitful and hypocritical American government.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Ramallah rule based on American military ordinance

  1. The USA speaks with a forked tongue… a serpent has such a tongue. I was shocked by this post’s information. The USA is in a countdown as all other nations who dare poke, hiss, and attack the Apple of His Eye. May we get our spiritual house in order and keep it in order.


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