Your thought is the key to the antichrist’s access

Instead of typing your password, you may only have to think about it, thanks to a new wireless headset device developed by researchers.

There seems to be something on her forehead, that will give access to the ultimate authority.
There seems to be something on her forehead, that will give access to the ultimate authority.

Remembering passwords for all your sites can get annoying. There are only so many punctuation, number substitutes and uppercase variations you can recall, and writing them down for all to find is hardly an option.

Researchers at the University of California Berkeley School of Information developed the device that explores the feasibility of brainwave-based computer authentication as a substitute for passwords.

By measuring brain-waves with bio-sensor technology, researchers are able to replace passwords with “passthoughts” for computer authentication, website ‘Mashable’ reported.

A $100 headset wirelessly connects to a computer via Bluetooth, and the device’s sensor rests against the user’s forehead, providing a electroencephalogram (EEG) signal from the brain. The NeuroSky Mindset looks just like any other Bluetooth set and is more user-friendly, researchers said.

Brainwaves are also unique to each individual, so even if someone knew your passthought, their emitted EEG signals would be different. “Other than the EEG sensor, the headset is indistinguishable from a conventional Bluetooth headset for use with mobiles, music players and other devices,” they said.

The Times of India

My comment:

Nobody can control your thoughts. That is why you are a free man.

Forget about it. The Authorities will monitor you, tap you, program you, and feed your brain with correct thoughts.

And if you can monitor the passwords stored in your brain, so can also the technical device who monitor your thoughts. And those who made these devices.

“Thought waves” is nothing new.  In the spiritual realm, both the Holy Spirit and demons tries to be in charge of our subconscious and dreams.

Likewise, the last and final antichrist will bid to control us all. 24 hours, around the clock.

Large multinational companies have used “thought waves” for the last 60 years. If you watch a movie, and feel thirsty for a coke, the filmmakers have been paid by the Coca Cola Company to put in micro seconds with images of bottles of coke.

To be “tagged” by GPS-technology, gives the authority two-way-access to your life and even thoughts. During the night nice speeches of Obama, or other’s, can be sent into your brain. So the next morning, you will wake up and shout “praise Obama”.

Get offline, and stay disconnected. Keep on reading your Bible, and forever say loudly: “Praise Jesus”.

Written by Ivar

23 thoughts on “Your thought is the key to the antichrist’s access

  1. You said a ‘mouth full there Ivar’…!!! ~~>Keep on reading your Bible, and forever say loudly: “Praise Jesus”…and if you can’t speak…”think Jesus ” (smile)

  2. On the other hand it could be an interesting asset. Just imagine connecting the PA chairman up to a TV screen that projects his true thoughts while he’s lying to the UN. The mind boggles 🙂

    1. One of the most painful things we all who come to the Truth face…is ….facing just how stupid we really were!!! so have no fear Sweetie you’ll just be in the same line we all were in before you…’
      that is ”IF” you get in that line!! Hint it is the line that has ”Repent & Believe” over the Door…It’s very narrow..’few go thru that door….they have to follow Jesus Christ and His Way no other way…but His…yet…if you ever decide to get in that line ‘if it is not too late…you’ll be most welcomed..If you chose to remain as you are….then know this for all Eternity!…’you were warned’ …Jesus loved you so much he paid the price for all your sins and the sins of the world do you’d not receiver the wrath of God but rather the Eternal goodness forever with Him. It is your choice..

  3. Co’mon Ivar, a headset really? what occurred to the micro chip nonsense? why they couldn’t produce enough to chip us all. Whats next sunglasses? You know very well what the mark of the Beast is, why are you misleading the people? Read your bible slowly, the “mark” is caused not forced. The Mark of this Beast has been enforced since Nimrod, the people don’t even know that they have it.

    Think about it, the chosen elect are only 144,000 and that includes the patriarchs of old, there is 7 billion of us on the planet right now you do the math. Surely, you’re smart enough to figure this out.

    1. Dear monnkz


      I tried to explain that if a technical devise can read your thoughts, so can the man who made this device. Using this kind of head set, you can not even have your thought for your self.

    2. Are you a Jehovah’s Witness? Otherwise you know, that the only are the Jews, who have Gods seal on there forehead.

      1. No Im not a Jehovah’s Witness. I have a question for you Lis, who’s a Jew? Let’s examine the prophecy concerning Ephraim and Manasseh, one will be a great nation and the other a MULTITUDE OF NATIONS, underline that. Where is this multitude of nations today? Scattered throughout the world. You could be from that lineage and don’t even know it. Does that make you one of the elect? No!

        Scripture indicates that the 144,000 are the Saints that have not been defiled by WOMEN. Now what could that possibly mean? This doesn’t mean they are virgins, that’s just stupid. Abraham will be in the kingdom, was he a virgin? of course not.

        Secondly, the saints are both men and women and even children, so that makes the virgin explanation even more ridiculous.These held FAST to the FAITH that was once delivered to the SAINTS Jude 1:3

        The word WOMAN in that verse refers to DOCTRINE, They were not defiled by church doctrine. There are literally thousands of doctrine taught by Christianity, Islam and Judaism, none of the religions today teach the faith that was delivered to the saints. It’s a scriptural fact.

      2. I don’t understad, why you are debating at this block, when you don’t agree. You know, who the Jews are. So why do you ask.

      3. Dear monnkz

        Shalom, and love in Yeshua.

        There are many ways to curse the Jewish people and Israel. Replacement theology comes in different forms. The biggest cult of them all is the Roman Catholic Church, the mother of replacement theology. We can also see dozen of smaller cults, who also teach they have replaced the Jews as God’s chosen people.

        One of the cult’s that amazes me the most, hold’s one to the doctrine that the claimed to be Jews living inside Israel are false Jews, and that the true Jews have not yet come home to Israel. They obviously believe that they them selves, are among the true, by still lost and misunderstood “Jews”.

        Since I have been blessed with seven trips to Israel so fare, this kind of viewpoint looks more and more strange to me. In Israel, we see people celebrating Passover, Sukkot and Purim. They up held the Biblical Sabbath starting at sunset on Friday. They speak Hebrew, their families have preserved their Torah scrolls for 3.000 years, and they marry Jewish people only. They have not been defiled by foreign women, who follow other God’s than God of Israel. If these “Jews” are not “Jewish”, than the moon is a cheese.

        No doubt that the Jews will be persecuted, renounced and ridiculed. Their history is full of such, even bigotry and mas-slaughter.

        Keep on dreaming. Keep on living in deception, and fool your self. The religious leader you submit to curse the Jewish people, and have brought a curse on your head too.

        Repent or perish.

  4. I am a Hebrew, I’ve already told you that the word Jew is a deceptive word but you keep using it, why because you’re proud, and arrogant. You can’t seem to take any wisdom from anyone that doesn’t share your view. I am a Yahdai, a Levi, You have a lot of nerve telling me who a Jew is. We are not Christians Ivar, that’s why you fail to see my point, I don’t expect you to understand.

    As the prophet Yeremyah said, one day you will wake up to find that you’ve inherited nothing but lies.

    By the way, the Messiah’s name is YAHSHUA (not Yeshua) get it right, it’s offensive to a real Hebrew.

    1. Dear monnkz

      Shalom, and love in Yeshua.

      You are a good example of the old saying: Where three Jews are gathered, there will be at least four opinions.

      I do not care if you brand your self a Jew or a Christian. I only care if you have met the risen Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth. If you have, your life has surely changed. You will praise the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for His salvation and grace, Yeshua the Messiah. Amen.

      1. ………..Ivar …I needed this …thanks !!! hahaha
        ~~~>You are a good example of the old saying: Where three Jews are gathered, there will be at least four opinions.<~~~

        hahahahaha Say good nite Gracie! Good nite..(those old TV shows sometimes hit the spot!..haha )

  5. In the Middle Ages, when the consonantal text was supplied with vowel points by the MASORITES, the Tetragrammaton was substituted in over 130 places in the Hebrew Text with the Canaanite god (el) “Adonay”, and in some places “Elohim” (God, Gods) wherever anthropomorphism (ascribing the physical attributes of man to Yahweh) was applied. Wherever they left the Tetragrammaton intact, they placed diacritical marks beneath it to indicate pronunciation of the word to be SPOKEN—ADONAY, not the WRITTEN—YAHWEH, which the Hebrews considered too sacred to be spoken aloud.

    For “Yahweh” they have substituted “BAAL”, the Babylonian god (el), and “ADONAY”, the Canaanite god (el) of the Phoenicians, both corresponding to the English word “LORD”. Likewise, the Name of Yahweh’s Son, YAHSHUA: (Yahweh is Salvation), has been substituted by YESHUA, IESOUS, IESUS, JESUS, and EA-ZEUS (Healing Zeus). Webster’s 20th Century
    Dictionary Unabridged, Page 2124, says that Zeus is the sky god, and is also known as Deus (Latin), Dio (Italian), Dios (Spanish), Dayus (Sanscript), and Zeus Soter, meaning Zeus the Savior.

    The substitution of the Names of Yahweh and Yahshua, by the names of pagan gods (elohim), has brought immeasurable harm. Such names as Lord, God, Jesus, and Christ in no way represent the meaning of the NAME revealed by Yahweh our Heavenly Father to Mosheh, and to the ancient Hebrews.

    Sorry Ivar I’m not a godworshipper. Now that you know the truth about your pagan worship will you repent or you’re too proud to admit you’re wrong.

    1. Did someone put this in a syringe and give this to you or did you get this in a bottle? I have not heard this definition in over well right close to 30 + years!

    2. That’s very interesting. I knew about adonai but didn’t know that elohim was pagan, also. Where can I search this up, monkz?

    3. The problem with Monkz and I’ve encountered him/her before, is that he or she thinks because they have studied and have various degrees and can break down a name by alphabet, that the are correct, and can tell anyone exactly what they think something means. It’s arrogant and wrong.

      Because I have called Jesus, God, Father, Dios, Cristo, Christ, and he’s always answered me. And because Jesus has answered me, and has answered me by the names I have called out to him, then who are you Monkz to say it is wrong?

      1. Monnkz,

        I will continue to call on Jesus, and accept him as my Savior. He has saved me from my sins by dying for me on the cross, and rising again.

        You can continue with your self righteousness, and that will lead you to the wide gates of hell.

        Proverbs 26:12 Do you see a man who is wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for him.

      2. Dear all readers.


        I just spammed monnkz, for his or her outright cursing of Gloria. If you have not come to this site to debate maters of faith, but to throw curses and spells, you will be banished.

  6. monkz is correct. Ivar, your arrogance has made you ignorant to the facts of scripture. There were twelve tribes that were led into the wilderness, Jahuda(the Jews) was only one and the Levites(the Priesthood)2. Because of rebellion and idol worship,Yahuwah divorced 10 of the tribes coming from the lineage of Yoseph. These ten tribes were dispersed(exiled) into all the nations of the world and are in exile to this day until the regathering of all 12 tribes of Y’israel. Yahshua said ” Think not that I have come but for the lost sheep of the house of Y’israel” As far as the 144,000, read Rev. 7 about the great multitude from every tribe nation and tongue as well as Rev.14. It won’t just be Jews that repent, that will be saved.


    1. Dear Grace.


      You wrote:

      monkz is correct. Ivar, your arrogance has made you ignorant to the facts of scripture

      My comment:

      Every Christian will be struggling with pride, feeling a little bit better than others. Sometimes, and just a little bit.

      I have only a broken life to offer Jesus the Messiah. I pray He will show grace and mercy to both of us. Amen.

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