Israeli Arab MK confirms fifth column inside Zion

“Israel has no future in Middle East”. He is also quite sure “third intifada coming”.

It is killing a man like Jamal Zahalka that the state of Israel is a better place to live than any Arab nation.
It is killing a man like Jamal Zahalka that the state of Israel is a better place to live than any Arab nation.

These are the words of Balad chairman Jamal Zahalka.It is killing a man like that the state of Israel is a better place to live than any Arab nation. He expressed his views to Jerusalem Post.

“Zionism is going to come to an end, as it “has no future in the Middle East,” Zahalka said in an interview with The Jerusalem Post on Sunday.

“I am not a Zionist, I am an anti-Zionist,” he said.

Israel claims that it is a democratic country and that Arabs have rights and even Knesset members, Zahalka said. But Israeli Arabs are unhappy with this democracy and will continue to demand their rights, he said.

Zahalka sees the conflict as unsolvable as long as Israel exists as a Jewish state. At a recent conference in Canada he exclaimed: “In the long term there is no chance for democracy, peace and freedom without ending the Zionist regime.”

In an interview with the Toronto Star newspaper at the Palestinian diaspora event in Mississauga, Ontario, he stated, “I’m quite sure there’s going to be a third intifada. I can’t say when. But I think one is on the way. The Palestinian leadership wants it to be peaceful.”

Netanyahu’s government is “the most pro-settler government ever,” Zahalka told the Star. The option of a two-state solution is disappearing as Israeli settlements continue to take Palestinian land, he told the paper.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

I have always been defending David Ben Gurion. In 1948 he requested the Arabs not to leave, but to help the Jewish people rebuilding Zion.

Let it be said, that the forefathers of Zahalka did not share his opinions. Now, if Zahalka find it troublesome to live inside the Jewish state, he should be given a free ticket to leave.

He can chose his destination in the Arab World. Being a Muslim he has many brethren in the Middle East, who can give him rest.

It is better to sleep safely in an Islamic nation, than to have to live in constant jealousy.  Not being able to share the joy of Jews, having built a democratic, prosperous and blessed state in less than 65 years.

 Psalm 110:2

The Lord will extend your mighty scepter from Zion, saying, “Rule in the midst of your enemies!”

It is 1.400 years since Muhammad called his followers for the “good cause”.  The Jewish state is not perfect, but will beat any Arab or Muslim state on all parameters. Let it be GDP, woman’s rights or religious freedom.  This must be “killing” Zahalka, who wants to see this nation of blessings, quickly dead and buried. So all of us can live in the same misery and pain as Zahalka’ fellow Muslim brethren.

It is sad. But the Jewish nation will have to live with this fifth column in its midst. The sons of those Ben Gurion invited to rebuild Zion, do simply not know their own best.

Only the return of Jesus the Messiah can clear up this mess.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Israeli Arab MK confirms fifth column inside Zion

  1. We are fighting a spiritual battle. YHWH and His People vs. hasatan and those who will be feeling some real intense heat in the not too distant future. This man is deceived. I pray he wakes up and joins the winning team headed by our Beloved Messiah!

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