Ben Gurion demanded Jewish army to fight Nazis

United Kingdom censored David Ben Gurion in 1942 calling for an Jewish army. London feared an uprising demanding a Jewish state.  

David Ben Gurion knew that Nazis were going to follow the instructions of "Main Kampf".
David Ben Gurion knew that the Nazis were going to follow the instructions of “Main Kampf”. London did not listen.

The ‪‪IDF archives reveals that David Ben Gurion’s demanded establishment of Jewish army to fight Nazis. Ben Gurion had the following message to all who rejected his demand:‬‬

 “Your hands will be soaked in Jewish blood”.‬‬

“In the name of all Jews, we demand of you, rulers of England, Russia and the United States, our right for a Jewish army,” thus David Ben Gurion opened his 1942 speech calling on the allied forces to let Jews form an independent force to fight the Nazis.

The speech was revealed in its entirety by the IDF archives and the Defense Ministry, including the parts rejected by the British censor for hinting at Jewish independence.

The bold text, including the opening phrases, are the parts erased by the censor. The full speech will be made available online by the IDF.

“Reject the disgraceful edicts to the effect that a Jew from an enemy state isn’t allowed to return to his homeland. As long as this shameful decree exists, as long as our land’s gates are shut to Yisrael’s refugees, your hands will be soaked in Jewish blood, spilled in the Nazi inferno.”


My comment:

It is quite stunning that the United Kingdom both censored and rejected this demand from Ben Gurion. London surely have Jewish blood on their hands.

To all Christian Friends of Israel, it is obvious that without the IDF, there would quickly be arranged for a second Holocaust. This time in the Middle East.

Today’s IDF basically contains the successors of the Nazis. But they are now almost finished in their common task of circling in on Jerusalem.

My best guess is that very few British national would lift a finger to protect Jews from the “soldiers of Muhammad”. They did not do it in 1942, neither  in 1948. Nor will they do it in the future.

To the radical opposite, Westminster support the successors of the Nazis. Becoming like Quisling’s them selves, or at best a puppet regime who bow for Islamic demands.

God has promised to love the Jews, forever. The state of Israel is one of many gifts to the Jewish people.

 Jeremiah 31:3
The Lord appeared to us in the past, saying: “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.

The Jews do not deserve the love of God. Neither do I. But when the World hates what God loves, the people of the world put a curse on their own heads.

It always take less that 100 years, before history repeats it self. Shame on Europe. Shame on those who bow before Satan, and participating in this anti-Zionist evil.

On the day of Judgment they shall all get what they deserve.

Written by Ivar

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