Vatican: “Our Christ, an alien from space”

“Very Soon the nations will look towards aliens for their salvation”.  Jesuit Gay Consolmagno.

The gospel of the Vatican, leads you into the demonic realm.
The gospel of the Vatican, leads you into the demonic realm.

Tom Horn and Cris Putnam unveil a 900 year-old prophecy buried in the library of the Vatican. And about the Vatican’s contact with aliens.

My comment:

I do not approve of Sid Roth, who mixes up a lot a spirituality and call in “Christianity”. Roth also acknowledge Catholic Charismatics as “born again believers”.

But this video of Roth, is worth watching because of the two persons he is interviewing. They have some interesting insight in how the Vatican is lead by demonic powers. Their “Christ” is a copy cat from “outer space”, that leads the whole Roman Catholic movement towards Hell.

Source: Video of Sid Roth.

Written by Ivar

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  1. Awesome! I posted this video yesterday…and it is well worth the watch. I hope all of your subscribers take the time to view it. God bless you, Ivar.

    1. Dear Lyn.

      Shalom, and love in Yeshua.

      Thanks for blessing me. It will keep me publishing News That Matters.

  2. I’ve watched it now. But felt the whole time through strong warning bells ringing – against watching the show!
    Even a spectacular theme like this – the Sid Roth show is not something I’d ever recommend anyone to watch.

    If it’s usually not credible – it’s never credible.

    (And the shoe-horning of fitting the latest pope into the Malachy prophecy, which was recently ‘found’ (written?) is just too contrived. I also don’t believe the harlot will be ‘under tribulation’ – she will herself contribute to the persecution of the true saints – as she always has.)

    This is sensational, ear-tickling, and misleading, and leads christians to ´pay attention in the wrong direction.

    Yes, there will be great deception in the last days – as there already is. But I am quite convinced this alien theme is a ‘red herring’, leading christians to look only for the spectacular.

    Instead, they/we should all be watching the false teaching, and the false charismatic manifestations that are already going on in the churches.

    If you point people to a danger far away, it’s more likely they actually miss the real danger, that is much closer to home: the false teaching, false gospel, and false spirit, that has free roam in many churches already.

    I have zero confidence in Sid Roth, and any such applause-seeking ‘christian’ shows.

    If we read and believe our Bibles, and check all teachings against it, we will be muc better protected from delusion.
    That is true also of a possible ‘alien scenario’.

    1. Dear Angela


      I did not want you to listen to Sid Roth. But listen to the false witnesses within the Vatican. The statements of the Jesuits, and all who present a “different Christ”. They believe that the Messiah is an “alien from space”.

      If you not able to see any source from within the religious movement in the Vatican, you must have seen a different video.

  3. Well, I understand that you make an exception of linking to Sid Roth.

    I did see the whole episode you are linking to. And my discernment is, that it is spectacular, but misleading.

    I recognize the ‘alien scenario’ from other contexts. New Agers have been heavily influenced by occultist Alice Baileys ‘the Externalization of the Hierarchy’ – a book dictated by a ‘master’ (demon).

    Theosophists/ new agers have eagerly awaited ‘the Christ’ public appearance. He is supposed to manifest himself on ‘the day of revelation’, together whith a company of other ‘ascended masters’, among the the ‘Master Jesus’.

    In this scenario, ‘the Space Brothers’ in their space ships will play a part.

    Yes, it is ‘interesting’, and disturbing, that the Vatican has this take on ‘aliens’, which in reality are demons.
    It is even possible tat we may see such things played out in the end times? Time will tell just how many ingredients this ‘strong delusion’ will contain.

    My point is, Ivar, that by focusing on such scenarios, christians risk missing the quite strong delusion that is already going on whithin ‘christendom’. There are delusions sneaking in through our own churches’ back door, while we might be focusing way out in space, on ‘the alien scenario’.

    So, I’m not saying it isn’t relevant.
    And it sure is good to be aware of the Vatican stance on ‘aliens’.
    But I’m saying:
    – I don’t trust Sid Roth.
    – There is already delusion going on in the churches, that people are missing.

    1. “I don’t trust Sid Roth.” But he is just the interviewer…. You don’t judge a movie because you don’t like Jay Leno and interviews the actors. In this case the author’s have done fantastic work exposing Rome’s lies.

    2. The Church IS the delusion! And what is it’s mission? To ‘water down’ the Bible into a few moralistic principles that can be merged with the One World religion. The entire concept of the Church, as you understand it is unbiblical, and is directly related to the oncoming “space brothers”. I’m deeply disturbed by your lack of discernment or comprehension on this video, the Church and the nature of what’s taking place as a whole today.

  4. It’s not that I just distrust Sid Roth as an interviewer.
    That, I could deal whith.
    It’s the whole show – I believe it’s misleading people. And consequently I can’t recommend anyone to watch it.
    (As Ivar writes – he normally would not recommend anyone to watch it either.)

    That something is misleading doesn’t mean it can’t contain some truth. The danger with deception is, that it’s always error mixed in with enough truth to make it easy to swallow.

    I have no objection to people in this instance exposing the Vatican-alien-agenda. That’s all well and good. Let all such things be known!

    My point is, I believe the Sid Roth show on the whole misdirects the attention of christians onto fringe issues. They risk missing a deception that already goes on right under their noses.

  5. Like any other show , Sid Roth host it well .
    He knows that airtime is limited and how to bring his guest around the topic .
    Tom Horn is famous since his ‘ Nephilim Stargates ‘ .
    Thank you for the link .

  6. Creepy…we must be prepared for a great deception. Cling to Jesus and what you have heard from the beginning. Even if it looks great and it “fits” don´t be deceived…pray that you can see clearly what ever will come…

    1. Dear Susanne Hildebrandsson


      This is not complicated. It is so easy, that even small children will understand.

      1. You must not call any religious leader for “father”. He will be a man who set a side the Bible, and start to serve Satan.

      2. Do not call any mortal man for “Holy Father”. You have only one “Holy Father”, and that is God the Father in Heaven. Any man who take the name of God, is an antichrist. His promoted “Christ” is a different Jesus.

      3. Do not accept any man in Jerusalem, to be God or “the man of peace”. Only Jesus the Messiah is the “prince of peace”. He will not return in a helicopter to the Mount of Olives. The Messiah will come back to the same spot He left us. He will come in the clouds of heaven with full power, shining like the sun.

      A child will accept the truth. Adults filled with, and haunted by religious spirits, will accept doctrines taught from demons. From A to Z. The Roman Catholic Church is a the best example there is.

      1. The role of Pastor in the unbiblical Church system – of which ALL denominations can be traced back to the Catholic Church system – is the problem. It has successfully been a role that has blocked woul-be Christians from ever reaching Yahweh. The teach the watered down Gospel from the Illuminati run and funded World Council of Churches and practically nobody bats an eyelid, because they accept blindly what Father Emperor Pastor says. If you are in these Churches it’s very unlikely that you will not be roped into the New Atlantis by the Serpent. It’s time to leave the physical Church that was never meant to be and become the body of Christ that was. This is the crux of the matter. Sadly it seems only the minority will listen. A recent poll on Christians who believe in Aliens and Evolution paint a disturbing picture to say the least. The unbiblical teaching of a pre-tribulation Rapture has set ‘believers’ up quite nicely to embrace Heylel (Lucifer’s real Hebrew name) as Yeshuah. To those reading, research what I’ve written. Don’t take anything for granted; cleave to your Bible (and not one of those loose paraphrasal Bibles like the NIV which is loosely translated from fraudulent Greek), study it deply and prayerfully and test EVERYTHING!

  7. The 900 year old pope prophecy is belived to be a fraud by most scholars and if these guys had any scuples, they would have pointed that out instaed of presenting it as fact. They failed to do so on the show, and this casts doubt on the whole conspiracy. Real reseachers do the job right.

  8. I am a Roman Catholic and a Catholic friend (who is charismatic) told me to watch this. I felt sick. These men are being mislead and misleading others. They obviously understand nothing. The “Malachy Prophecy” has been out in the open for many many years and has been shown to be a fraud. Why don’t Protestants and Evangelicals turn the microscopes on themselves and see how they are misleading so many to hell with their constant stream of “gifts” and “prophecies” — it’s all ear tickling and emotions for them. Sid Roth is irresponsible.

    1. Dear Lisa


      You serve a Pope who claim he is the “Holy father”, the very name of God the Father in Heaven. The Messiah Jesus told us strictly not to call any spiritual leader for “father”. Still the “Christ” in the Roman Catholic Church disagree. Such is the nature of lawlessness. Such is the nature of antichrist’s.

      Your Christ is promoting lawlessness, and the Vatican is a house haunted by demons. Regardless if Sid Roth is irresponsible or not.

  9. If one makes such accusations a catholic representative should be there- yes its that serious…..Why didn’t they produce one – if they truly believe in such non sense? Therefore its like Christ’s trial, only one set of witnesses…That’s not a true trial – don’t you think? hmmm.

  10. i m so sorry to say that most of you guys are not with real Jesus Christ and you happened to ignore why the whole of this failsehood system make you hater to anything Islamic, by contrast whenever i read my Bible i used to notice that Jesus is Muslim by his actions but since Satan successfully achieved his goal of making people against Truth, see if you are fighting against truth will you ever be right? no way, so since Jesus is more Islamic how comes those our leaders in churches making us hater of Islam and always making Islam an object of Hatred? so now that their folly is being uprooted and exposed but still we are still victim of hatred they had planted deeply in us, unless we love truth from wherever it comes from if not we will never see truth forever,
    Thanks Yushau Halilu.

    1. The Quran is a ludicrous in the extreme. For instance, it contains , it contains no less than SIX accounts of creation, each prophet claims to be the first, this amongst thousands of internal and external flaws. I don’t hate you, no real Christian does, but it is quite clear that you don’t have a leg to stand on in defending Islam. If you would like to debate this further Iam free any time. Even the very nature of Allah is unveiled as Heylel (Lucifer) as the Quran reads that he is “the greatest of all liars”.

  11. People should not always believe what someone else says until they have investigated it for themselves… far as Sid Roth’s show goes, I have seen alot of really good and credited people on there that he has interviewed….like any show, there might be a few that are not to your liking, but for the most part, you can definitely learn alot of things that are going on in this world that you won’t hear anywhere else. It’s your job to research it and figure it out for yourself if you have a problem with what you hear from any person or show.

  12. His name is Jesus.

    Job 33:23-24Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

    23 “If there is for him an angel, a mediator, one among a thousand, who can vouch for the man’s uprightness; 24 then [God] is gracious to him and says, ‘Redeem him from going down to the pit; I have found a ransom.’

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