The West has gave eight billion dollars in aid to Ramallah from 1994 to 2004.

Obama got a red carpet welcome when he brought more cash with him to Ramallah.
Obama got a red carpet welcome when he brought more cash with him to Ramallah.

Palestinians are among the largest per capita consumers of foreign aid worldwide.

Wwith two decades of growing but misdirected aid, poverty in the West Bank has soared and unemployment has risen to 30 percent.

Subsisting on a budget derived almost entirely from foreign aid – USD 8 billion between 1994 and 2004, according to the book “How Aid Hurt Palestine,” by Anne Le More.

The billions of dollars flooding in from overseas since 1994 have also caused economic productivity to plummet by flooding Palestinian markets with imported goods.

A recent World Bank report asserts that foreign aid has caused long-term damage to the Palestinian economy.

In cosmopolitan Ramallah, a construction boom and cappuccino-fueled culture of luxury cars and inflated real estate suggest an economic upswing.

But experts warn that the growth is fostered largely by foreign donations to the PA, and the profusion of NGOs setting up shop in the de-facto capital has created a bubble – hollow and unsustainable.

Source: Christian Science Monitor

My comment:

One of the biggest fraud of World history, was the creation of a “Palestinian people” as late as 1964. The second biggest fraud was to let them into Zion, and establish a terror base in Ramallah.

This tragical mistake took place in 1990, a fruit of what best can be remembered as the “Oslo war process”.

Any people, who are a people, will be willing to take care of them selves. But not the PLO. They demand “foreign aid”. If they do not get it, they will again starts to explode bombs in cities like London, Paris and Berlin.

It is a great irony, that when the West pump in billions of dollars into PLO accounts, they cripple the so-called “Palestinians”. They are completely dependent on help from outside, and will not survive a week, left to take care of them selves.

They are intruders. They do belong on the Mountains of Zion. By their prolonged war to destroy Israel, they bring curses down on their own heads. And all who support them.

Written by Ivar