Skin electronics for homeland security

“You can use a rubber stamp to just deliver the ultrathin mesh electronics directly to the surface of the skin.”

The government want to know everything about you. Do not give them.
The kingdoms of the World want to know everything about you. Do not give them.

The potential for security uses is huge. Many companies around the world are already trying to use it for homeland security.

According to MIT Technology review the so-called “epidermal electronics” were demonstrated previously in research from the lab of John Rogers, a materials scientist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The devices consist of ultrathin electrodes, electronics, sensors, and wireless power and communication systems. In theory, they could attach to the skin and record and transmit electrophysiological measurements for medical purposes.

“You can use a rubber stamp to just deliver the ultrathin mesh electronics directly to the surface of the skin.”

The researchers also found that they could use commercially available “spray-on bandage” products to add a thin protective layer and bond the system to the skin in a “very robust way,” he says.

During the two weeks that it’s attached, the device can measure things like temperature, strain, and the hydration state of the skin, all of which are useful in tracking general health and wellness. One specific application could be to monitor wound healing: if a doctor or nurse attached the system near a surgical wound before the patient left the hospital, it could take measurements and transmit the information wirelessly to the health-care providers.


My comment:

I have earlier stated that the mark of the beast, will not be an implanted microchip. It would rather be “sold” too you as a tattoo, and be almost invisible. Most likely it will have the color of the skin.

The servants of Satan keeps on searching for the the final solution, that will trick mankind into submission to the last and final antichrist.

Stay away. Do not let anyone “spray” or tattoo any electronic GPS devise on your forehead, or on your hand. Let you do not want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Written by Ivar

7 thoughts on “Skin electronics for homeland security

  1. Ive been following your blog Ivar for the last 5 years , you do a great service to God in supplying the information to all who visit your website God bless you and may the Lord Jesus strengthen you in your ministry and work for him.

  2. Some Bible’s says ‘on’…some says ”in”…..the Holy Spirit will be the one to warn us as He is and does daily ,….would to God we’d listen as freely as He tells us…! (smile) (1976 KJV)

    the Scripture says ‘the beast causes them (all that dwells upon the earth, both great and small, rich and poor, free and bond), to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads;

    Just read the insert again after a long time…a refresher course I guess on a Gideon Bible I have. It has John 3:16 in 27 languages in the first few pages of the Book. Awesome. So many newer Bibles have so much advertisements and warnings not to copy, print anything of the Bible .without written permission..of the publisher….

    1976 Warning:
    No part of this publication may be reproduced in
    any form or by any means without the publisher’s
    prior written permission.

    1983 Warning:
    No reproduction of the material in this Bible may be made
    or photocopying mechanical means or any other form prior
    written permission of the publisher.

    1946…and ..on backward….there was no such “warning”…
    just said ‘Copyright & date’

    Just thought that might be interesting to some to know that ‘we are supposed to ‘get written permission to USE THE WORD OF GOD’ that we bought or was given to us as a gift..hmm… crazy!! (smile)

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