The two false “Jews” with white kippah’s

The Popes have deleted Judaism, and made Cannon Laws. They claim to be “Jews”, but are liars.

Two Popes who claims to be the true Jews, the chosen people of God.
Two Popes who claims to be the true Jews, the chosen people of God.

For the first time in almost 700 years, the Roman Catholic religion has two Pope’s.  The present Pope was wearing a red kippah when he was cardinal. Now he is permitted to dress i white, and wear a white kippah.

All religious Jews who believe the Laws of Judaism were kipas. Orthodox Jews were black kippahs, the followers of RABBI NACHMAN OF BRESLOW were white kipas. All om them believe in the validity of the Torah, and they keep Jewish festivals. Just like Yeshua the Messiah did.

Now they claim to be equal and brothers.
The Cardinal is not permitted to wear a white kippah.
The Cardinal is not permitted to wear a white kippah.
These two men of lawlessness have replaced the Laws of God with their own laws,
These two men of lawlessness have replaced the Laws of God with their own laws,

The Popes, has replaced the Torah with their own laws. The Cannon Laws of the Roman Catholic Church. The Popes dress like “Jews”. and claim to be the “true Jews”.  The Bible explains that they are liars, and have formed a ‘Synagogue of Satan”. In plain language, they are sold out to Satan, and have formed false Churches and introduced false Christianity.

Revelation 3:9

I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars—I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.
Torah obeying Jews with white Kippah's.
Torah obeying Jews with white Kippah’s.

The worst part of Rome, is that they proclaim to know “Christ”. Surely the Apostle Paul warned us against men, who would come and introduce a “different Jesus”.

Where do you stand in his matter?

Do you still claim to believe in the Bible, and a full Bible?

Do you read the Prophetic Word, and understand that the Messiah will fulfill all prophecies?

2 Corinthians 11:4

For if someone comes to you and preaches a Jesus other than the Jesus we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the Spirit you received, or a different gospel from the one you accepted, you put up with it easily enough.

Do not participate in the evil deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.

Written by Ivar

38 thoughts on “The two false “Jews” with white kippah’s

  1. Amen! Expose the evil! And those who do not like it…too bad. We hope that you believe us, that is why we tell you..but if you will not..too bad. We will obey God, as we must kneel before Him in the end, not the heathen who do not believe the truth! Great job Ivar! Love exposing the enemy! Fabulous work!

    1. Dear Lyn.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      There is a lot of talk about “Christ”. But which “Christ” is reigning in your heart?

      A “Christ” who do not stand with the Jews right to live in Judea and Samaria, is the same “Christ” as Hitler followed. A Copy-cat.

      1. Amen. If you look at my websites, you will see that I stand with the Jews. Israel belongs to God..and He gave it to them! Nobody has a right to divide their land! it is their land… Why? Did you think I believed otherwise? So many, throughout time, hates the Jews and picks on the Jews because they are God’s chosen people! Satan hates them because He hates Jesus, and he hates all that God loves and adores. The Jews are a nation of people who are blessed beyond blessed! Genesis 12:3!

  2. I do not like Obama, and I don’t like anybody who tries to mess with Israel because they are being used of Satan who try to steal their land and divide God’s nation!

  3. Dear Ivar. I believe in a Jewish Messiah–the Jewish Jesus who was and is and is to come…the King of the Jews! I do not believe in the Catholic Jesus. I love the Catholics, but I detest their blasphemous false religion! I detest all religions who preach false doctrine, and preach a false Jesus…and there are more than people even realize this day! Their religion is, I believe, the great harlot of Revelation!

      1. Shalom dear brother of mine. “YES” I am well aware of the number of them on here! You are right. Thank you for the link. I will look now. May the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob bless you abundantly!

    1. Great l am glad that there are so many people who also detest the pagan catholic religion, who see it for what it is, pagan and heresy, l have many catholic friends whom l love dearly but l completely reject the false teaching, doctrine and heresy of the rcc

      1. Amen! I work in nursing and I had a woman who wanted me to get her statue of Jesus off of her wall so she could kiss its feet! She was Catholic. It disgusted me. God said “NO graven images…period! Including statues of Jesus.

  4. Hey Ivar. I am sorry to bug you again..I am sure you are very busy. When you have time..I am not sure how to reply to this man. What would you say to him? It is my repost of your article here. I am not sure how to reply as he is stating something opposing to your article. You will see what I did say to him..I told him without getting into technicalities about names of ‘things’, I could see exactly where you were coming from in your article…etc etc. You’ll see when u look. Whenever you have rush. And God bless. If you don’t have time at all, I understand that too.

    1. Dear Lyn.


      All true followers of Jesus love Catholics. We love them enough to tell the the truth about Catholicism. We must all hate Catholicism, but love our fellow Roman Catholics. Help them, and not harm them.

      I hope we can agree on this.

      1. I had said the exact same thing as you here somewhere on your blog, as well as atop the article of yours I posted on my website. Here I will copy and post exactly what I wrote at the top of your article on my website:

        Note from Lyn: I do not advise anyone to hate any of these people; rather, hate what they do. We should hate all false religion and false doctrine, but pray for the people who are partaking in it–because when they kneel before God, when their time is up and they have not repented, their judgment shall be great! And the longer they mislead the innocent, the more souls they win to Hell for Satan! And I wholeheartedly believe the author of this article feels the same way.

        So, as you can see Ivar…we do agree. I do not hate anyone. I hate sin. But do you know what? I hate my own sin the most! We have all sinned..and we all make mistakes from time to time. What gets us in big trouble with God is when we disobey and LIVE in the sin outside of His will.

  5. Jesus Christ the Messiah kept the religious observances of the Old Testament because it had not yet become void – abolished by God – until He was crucified. The Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ the God of Israel incarnate to replace the Synagogue and the Temple to make a New Covenant of God open to all nations in fulfilment of the prophets, and because other nations would be more faithful to God than the Jews were, as the Bible (Old and New Testaments) shows. The Catholic Church of history accepts the Old and the New Testaments as the revelation of the one God, and the religion of the Catholic Church for 2,000 years until Vatican II in the 1960s reflected that. Protestants who broke away from the Catholic Church founded by Jesus Christ and guaranteed by His promises are the one who preach a false religion. They cut 7 books and portions of other books out of the Bible, which was produced buy the Catholic Church. Those books were accepted for 1500 years before a few ignorant and corrupt men decided that they didn’t fit their new man made religion. That is why St. Paul said that we are what the true Jews of the Old Testament (the ones that did not persecute and kill the prophets) were. The Jews who rejected Jesus Christ and maintained the Synagogue in defiance of God are the ones who persecuted and killed the prophets and the Messiah and His Apostles and who persecuted and slandered the Church throughout history. These are “The Synagogue of Satan who say they are Jews and are not but do lie.” (Apocalypse 3: 9). The Catholic Church has had a series of Antipopes since 1958, that is why at Vatican II a new religion was imposed which is a break with historical Catholicism and the New Covenant of God, and is a forerunner of Antichrist, in fulfilment of the prophecy of St. Paul who foretold a great apostasy before the second coming of Christ to judge the living and the dead (2 Thessalonians 2).

    1. Catholicism is from the devil. Satan founded the catholic church. The first Christians were not catholic, and they would have rejected it had it existed at that time. Catholic teaches works for salvation, which leads to hell (Romans 4:5, Galatians 1:6-9). So escape all forms of catholicism, and believe in the true Lord Jesus Christ for eternity in heaven, Jesus who is God and who died for your sins and rose again.

      1. Andy:
        “I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build My Church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it…” (Matthew 16: 18). The Acts of the Apostles show Peter with the preeminence in the first Council of Jerusalem (Acts 15: 7). St. Peter was the first pope, St. Linus was his first successor. St. Cletus was Peters second successor, St. Clement the forth and so on. The line of popes goes back to St. Peter. Jesus ordained the Apostles to the new priesthood of the New Covenant saying: “As the Father hath sent Me, I also send you. When Has said this, He breathed on them; and He said to them. Receive ye the Holy Ghost. Whose sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven them…” (John 20: 21-23). The epistles of St. Paul, especially his letters to the Hebrews and Timothy and the other Apostles that make up the New Testament speak continually of the new priesthood of Jesus Christ. The Acts of the martyrs and the saints of the first hundreds of years show them all obedient to their bishops and priests, and the latter to the popes of the time. The Bible also teaches works for salvation from the Old Testament through the New Testament: “Wherefore, brethren, labour the more, that by good works you may make sure your calling and election.” (2 Peter 1: 10). “Thou hast faith, and I have works: show me thy faith without works; and I will show thee, by works, my faith. Thou believest that there is one God. Thou dost well: the devils also believe and tremble. But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?” (James 2: 18-20). “…as our most dear brother Paul, according to the wisdom given him, hath written to you: As also in his epistles, speaking in them of these things; in which are certain things hard to be understood, which the unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do also the other scriptures, to their own destruction.” (2 Peter 3: 15,16). What St Paul meant by saying that we are saved by grace and not by works is summed up in 1 Corinthians 13: 3: “If I should distribute all my goods to feed the poor… and have not charity, it profits me nothing.” But if I do all those good works and have charity it works salvation.
        People who make these criticisms usually don’t have a clue about what the Catholic Church has always taught, they are only parroting hate speech they heard from someone else. Maybe they don’t care what the truth is.

      2. None of those verses say anything about a pope. None of them. You are in the world’s biggest death cult. Catholicism is from satan. It will lead you to eternal torment in the lake of fire, so get away from it immediately.

      3. E. Murray,

        Andy is correct. The catholic church is a complete lie, for they do not follow the Word of God.

        And the church was built on the foundation of revelation from God.

        Mathew 16:15-18
        15 He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am?
        16 And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.
        17 And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-jona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven.
        18 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

        Also Paul was not a saint. He knew he needed a savior and accepted Christ as such.

  6. I am not one to be active in posting but could not help myself as I do read from this site often. I must say yes and amen because of God’s lovingkindness, He loves us, no matter who we are or from where we come! We all need the Lord Jesus Christ, as do Catholics! Continue to pray for them that they will receive revelation that only the Father can give! It is through that personal “revelation” or “aha!” moment that will truly change their hearts and that can only come from the wooing of the Holy Spirit! Watch what God is about to do with the Catholic Church as He brings down those gates to set the people free. It will be then that we must remain faithful and be about the Father’s business and not our own so that we can win many to Christ Jesus!

  7. Andy:

    Matthew 16: 18 showed Christ instituting the papacy. You are calling black white in contradiction of the plain facts, like an Orwellian. History shows that Peter had successors. Another quote shows that the Catholic priesthood was instituted by Jesus Christ and attached to the papacy called the Chair of Peter as the Old Testament had a priesthood attached the the Chair of Moses. Of course Christ didn’t use the word “pope” but Christians were not called Christians until later at Antioch (Acts 11: 26). In the beginning they were called Nazarenes. And the Church was later called Catholic (c. 110 A. D. by St. Ignatius of Antioch) to differentiate it from heretical sects that broke away from it. These are only names that were devised to profess eternal realities under new conditions.
    By the way: The worlds biggest death cult is Freemasonry, Catholicism is not a death cult. It is your errors that will lead you to eternal torment in the lake of fire. I profess the only true religion out of which there is no salvation.

    1. E. Murray,

      Your comment: Matthew 16: 18 showed Christ instituting the papacy.

      My comment: Matthew 16:18 DOES NOT mean that Christ was instituting the catholic religion. For why would Jesus tell us to follow such a thing as the papacy which is filled with idols, and lies?

      The true meaning of Matthew 16:18 Jesus was not referring to Peter in that verse, but to Peter’s confession of faith in verse 16: “You are the Christ, the son of the living God.”

      Jesus had never directly taught to Peter and the other disciples the fullness of His identity. God had sovereignly opened Peter’s eyes and revealed to him who Jesus really was. Peter’s confession of Christ as Messiah and Peter’s personal faith in Jesus, is what a true Christian would believe. Those who have placed their faith in Christ, as Peter did, are the church.

  8. On what basis do you believe? Christianity claims its authority on the Torah. Why? Because it is unquestioned. Why is it unquestioned? Because the revelation was witnessed by ALL of Israel at the foot of Mt. Sinai, so no one could say Moses and a group of cohorts made it up. Islam bases its authority on Torah, claiming that Mohammed was a ‘prophet after Moses’. He was backed up by a small group of cohorts. Who were they? We don’t know. He placed a book in front of Hebrew Scripture and claimed to abrogate its teaching. The Christian churches do the same thing. Who were the writers of the NT? No one knows. They claim JC ‘fulfils’ Torah, which is a complete misunderstanding of what Hebrew scripture makes clear is the perfect teaching of G-d. They claimed ‘not one jot or tittle’ would be taken from Torah, of course because of the command ‘you shall not add or subtract’. Why not add or subtract? Because it is G-d’s direct and perfect teaching to Moses.

    Paul claims to be a Jew, but clearly was not if you look at the evidence, nor was he an apostle. He promises the church in Jerusalem that he would teach Torah but lied and did the opposite, proclaiming it, even the commandments, to be evil.

    Hebrew Scripture condemns vicarious atonement, condemns the placing of a mediator between us and G-d and condemns human sacrifice.

    JC did not take away sin. But like Muslims, when christians slaughter, as they have for 2000 yrs, they say these people were ‘not real christians’ or ‘not real Muslims’.

    Christianity is just as false as Islam. It took me 53 yrs to discover that. Protestants, for all their condemnation of Catholicism, are merely reformed catholics anyway. As Psalm 19:7 makes clear, the Torah of the Lord is perfect. It is only the commandments that keep us from sin. ‘Satan’ has no power except that given by G-d, as Job makes clear. He is merely the accuser. In the end times all men will come to recognise the One G-d of Israel. Zechariah 8:23. Amongst whom were the Jews scattered? The lands of the christians and the muslims. Deuteronomy 4:28; Deut 28:64. 64 “Then the Lord will scatter you among all peoples, from one end of the earth to the other, and there you shall serve other gods, WHICH NEITHER YOU NOR YOUR FATHERS HAVE KNOWN – wood and stone. 65 “And among those nations you shall find no rest, nor shall the sole of your foot have a resting place; but there the Lord will give you a trembling heart, failing eyes, and anguish of soul.” In the end times, Jeremiah 16:19 O Lord, Who are my power and my strength and my refuge in the day of trouble, to You nations will come from the ends of the earth and say, “Only lies have our fathers handed down to us, emptiness in which there is nothing of any avail! 20. Can a man make gods for himself, and they are no gods?”

    Torah makes clear that if a prophet comes along performing signs and wonders, not only should the Jews not follow him, but should KILL HIM. Did G-d play a trick on the Jews when He said, ‘I am ONE’? ‘I am not a man’? No, he warned the Jews and this is why they continue to reject your ‘messiah’. And when the Jews are gathered in Israel, the whole world will recognise the G-d of Israel is not the one they’ve been worshiping and the Torah which Paul and Christianity rejected will be re-established, all of it, with not one jot or tittle taken away… ‘For Torah will go forth out of Zion, and God’s word from Jerusalem’ (Isaiah 2:3).

    Gen 4:6-7 undermines the christian claim for a mediator in one stroke. Christianity in fact is a religion of guilt and fear. This is not the G-d of Israel, as Gen 4:6-7 makes clear.

  9. Incidentally, E. Murray, Catholicism IS, like Islam, a death cult. It doesn’t take much thinking to see this. According to christianity and islam the purpose of life is to get to heaven, not to live. this is the complete inverse of Judaism, which is precisely why, in history, christianity accused the jews of being ‘worldly’ and too concerned with this world. However, that is what Torah is – a blueprint on how to live, not how to prepare for death. All religions basically are death cults apart from Judaism, which is not actually a religion but a relationship and an instruction book on life. Not only that but catholicism breaks the first commandment of G-d, which is ‘to go forth and multiply’. This IS a commandment and it has never been withdrawn or abrogated.

    The ‘new covenant’ spoken on in Scripture is with the two houses of Israel.

    Also incidentally (or perhaps not) the rise of Islam in Europe is G-d’s payback for the holocaust when almost every christian in Europe handed over their Jewish neighbours to the Nazis. G-d does not forget. He marked up 70 yrs for that payback and it is about to come. Why? Not just because of the Holocaust but because ‘never again’ was a lie. The Catholic Church has closely allied with the M.E. islamists against Israel, building closer ties than with any other group of people, with formal yearly meetings, etc. Not only are they preaching blood libels against Israel every christmas, equating the Palestinians with the ‘suffering christ’ but are attempting to ‘internationalise’ Jerusalem. Neither christains nor catholics have any business, or rights, in Jerusalem. I have yet to hear one Cathoic speak up on this issue. Perhaps that is why they’re called sheep.

  10. Eglantine’
    Your postings are full of lies and falsehoods: The writers of the New Testament are Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Paul as the gospels and epistles are named. It is obvious that St. Paul was an Apostle. Also, you state that the evidence shows that he was not a Jew, without showing what that evidence was. You make a number of other statements that you do not substantiate as well, such as saying that “The Hebrew Scripture” condemns a mediator between God and man. Isn’t this what Moses was? He prayed for the people and God relented (Exodus 32: 7-14). As for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ that you refer to calling it “human sacrifice.” Did not God command Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac? God relented, but He still told him to do it. Which shows that the sacrifice of Christ is not contrary to the revelation of God, but was foreshadowed by this incident. The Apostles did not abrogate the teaching of the Old Testament or say that it and the Commandments were evil. They said that they were glorious (2 Cor. 3: 9), & “Wherefore the law indeed is holy, and the commandment holy, and just, and good.” (Rom. 7: 12). They quoted copiously from it, and they taught against sin, and what is sin but a violation of the Commandments: “Here is the patience of the saints, who keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.” (Revelations 14: 12). What they, especially Paul, said was that the Covenant of God with the Jews, known as the Old Covenant, was made void (2 Cor. 3: 7), and the disciplinary laws that went with it, such as the dietary laws and circumcision, because of the Jews continual and overwhelming infidelity, breach of the Covenant, and apostasy, and that the Synagogue would be cut off from the kingdom of God (Rom. 11: 20), and that a new Covenant in the blood of Jesus Christ, which includes all nations (who would be more faithful to God than the Jews were) was founded.

    Genesis 4: 6-7 in no was undermines the Christian claim for a mediator, it says: “And the Lord said to him: Why are you angry? And why is thy countenance fallen? If thou do well, shalt thou not receive? but if ill, shall not sin be forthwith present at the door? But the lust thereof shalt be under thee, and thou shalt have dominion over it.” However, Genesis 49: 10, 11 says: “The sceptre shall not be taken away from Juda, nor a ruler from his thigh, till He come that is to be sent, and He shall be the expectation of nations. Tying His foal to the vineyard, and His donkey, O my son, to the vine. He shall wash His robe in wine, and His garment in the blood of the grape.” And: “The blessings of thy father are strengthened with the blessings of his fathers: until the desire of the everlasting hills should come; may they be upon the head of Joseph, and upon the crown of the Nazarite among his brethren.” (Ibid. 26).

    And by the way, Catholicism is a religion of life – of that life that never ends in Heaven, unlike this one does. Living for Heaven may be the inverse of the Talmud, but it is not the inverse of Sacred Scripture: “… the honeycomb most sweet to thy throat. So also is the doctrine of wisdom to thy soul: which when thou hast found will have hope in the end, and thy hope will not perish. (Prov. 24: 14), “The fear of the Lord is the lesson of wisdom.” (Ibid. 15: 33). It is those who are intent on this life only that are the culture of death, because living for this life only they have no fear of God and judgement after death, and so they sin continuously, and end up in Hell which is eternal death, but death in fire and brimstone.

  11. Dude, you’re insane. There’s no church in this world that reveres Jesus more than the Roman Catholic one. People like you are running Satan’s errand by trying to stir up a shitstorm and make people persecute the true Church of Christ. Repent and join praising the good God allmighty, instead of speaking with the tongue of the Devil – Satan Lucifer, the father of all lies. Because, your dishonest lies about the pope and the Church is from him. I hope you’ll discover Jesus some day.

    I’m not even sure why I’m writing this in English, as you’re apparently a Norwegian expat, who fled to the Bible belt to find people who are crazy enough to take your bs.

    1. Dear Eirik

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      You must be aware that the Bible says Jesus also was a complete man. That he came in the flesh. So how, come the Roman Catholic Church claim his mother was a sinless goddess, the very Queen of heaven? Are we permitted to ask such a question, or should we just submit to the papacy?

  12. Shalom Ivar,

    I’m not going to discuss the doctrine of inherited sin with you, as I suppose you find that to be yet another Catholic “heresy”; however, it must be taken into consideration if you really want to understand why it’s completely logical that virgin Mary was conceived without sin (but yet a human, not a goddess, as you erroneously claim). If it was so that she was born with original sin, even though she didn’t sin even once in her life herself, this would mean that also Jesus would be infected with the original sin, right? And that would be impossible, because Jesus is God incarnated, and God simply can not be infected with any sin, as Satan does not have any power over God.

    And of course questioning the faith is encouraged. But that also means you need to listen to the answers you get, and not ignore the facts because they’re not what you want to hear, which I’m afraid you’ll do right now.

    1. Dear Erik.


      The Bible say ALL men have sinned. ONLY the Son of God was without sin. I believe what is written in the Bible, and renounce the papacy. It is not possible for a human being to live without sinning. Jewish Miriam went to the Temple and offered a sin offering. If “Catholic Mary” is the goddess Rome claim her to be, she is not the mother of Jesus. But a copy-cat, a fiction, based on mythology and paganism. You must repent, or you will perish. I loved you enough to tell you the truth.

      1. And here comes the crazy talk once again. I’m happy to see that you just proved my last point; your questions weren’t sincere. You didn’t want to know the answer. You ignore the facts, because they’re not what you want to hear.

        All of this, because you’re locked up in your diabolic hatred for Christ’s mother, like the book of Revelation predicts, how Satan is trying to flush her down the stream of sin. You see, your problem is that there is one thing you don’t seem to understand, because you’re not illuminated with the light of Christ: all of what’s in the Bible is truth. But all of the truth is not in the Bible. So did even the good apostle Paul say: “So then, brethren, stand firm and hold to the traditions which you were taught, whether by word of mouth or by letter from us” (2 Tessalonians 2:15). The full truth is not written on paper, Ivar.

      2. Dear Erik.


        I love Miriam, the Mother of Jesus. She was a Jewess, a Torah obeying virgin.

        Luke 2: 22-24:

        22 When the time came for the purification rites required by the Law of Moses, Joseph and Mary took him to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord 23 (as it is written in the Law of the Lord, ‘Every firstborn male is to be consecrated to the Lord’, 24 and to offer a sacrifice in keeping with what is said in the Law of the Lord: ‘a pair of doves or two young pigeons’.

        (end of scripture)

        You are just fooling your self, and believe in lies and religious fraud. The Mother of Jesus was a sinner, and had a lot of good sex with her husband. The name of the siblings of Jesus are even mentioned in the Bible. By claiming that “Catholic Mary” was ever virgin, the Popes claim the Bible is full of errors, and that the truth has only been reveled to the Roman Catholic priesthood. Who are sold out to Satan, worshiping the pagan Queen of Heaven, defaming and blaspheming the true mother of Jesus.

        By following the traditions of men, you make a mockery out of the infallible Word of God.

  13. You see, even in spite of your obsession with Jews, you seem to have little knowledge about their languages. Hebrew, and Aramaic, does not have words for cousin, nor nephew. These were simply mentioned as “brothers” or “sons”. You see, James and Joses were said to be brothers of Jesus. Yet, they’re mentioned to be sons of another Mary, Mary of Clophas, in Mark 15:40.

    The Orthodox Church speculates in whether Joseph might have been a widower, who had other children from a former marriage. If so, this would mean that Jesus had step siblings. However, there is no real biblical, historical or traditional mentions to support this.

    It’s interesting to see how you elegantly jump over my reference to the Bible, telling you that the Bible does not contain the entire truth. But you still refer to Scripture yourself, to support your theory of Mary being a sinner because she kept the Law. You say a lot. But yet you say nothing. I can’t see there is any contradiction between being immaculate and keeping God’s laws.

    1. Dear Erik.


      You do not have to believe in truth. You are a free man. You can choose. It is not my loss. You can not blame anyone else for rejecting the truth.

      I have chosen to take God of the Bible seriously. I believe the BIble is inspired by the Holy Spirit, and that Father, Son and Holy Ghost were fully in control when the Biblical cannon was closed.

      There is nothing I can do about foolish men, that are on a war path against the scriptures.

      1. I see. You trust that God was in control when the Biblical cannon was closed. That must be the reason why you support Martin Luther’s removal of no less than 9 books, plus three of the chapters in Daniel’s book, right? Did you know that he even removed the letter of James, the Revelation of John and the letter to the Hebrews? Yes, he did. Those three from the New Testament was later reinstated, but Luther himself looked upon these books with disgust, as they contradicted his Sola Fides doctrine. So much for trusting that God was in control.

      2. Erik.


        I understand you have come here to jump around with topics. But I have no time to debate with you now. I will have to leave it for another time. May Jesus the Messiah bless you, and save you. Amen.

        An by the way. Martin Luther was a Roman Catholic monk. I am not.

  14. What I understand, is that you are not capable of proving me wrong. You’ve painted yourself up into a corner, because I’m sitting on the facts – and you are not. You should stay there and think about what you want with your life. And your afterlife.

    1. Dear Eirik


      You last response is utter no sense. I have other things to do, than to sit on my lap top all the time. I hope you have something else to do too?

      I have used the scripture to explain to you, that the Mother of Jesus was a Jewess, who went to the Temple to offer a sin offering. You jump the topic, and quotes hallow philosophy given to you by the Pope. I have also used the scripture to explain that ALL created beings have sinned. ONLY the creator, Jesus was without sin. The mother of Jesus is a human, not a sinless goddess.

      In regards to the Bible, the Hebrew Bible is 3.000 years old. The Jewish cannon of the scripture is what we today call the Old Testament. The Jews renounced a lot of books as heretical, among them a long list of apocrypha. When the Biblical New Testament cannon was closed, they left the same books out. But the Pope reopened the Cannon, and included what has earlier was considered heretical books. Like the book of Tobit, which includes pure witchcraft. Your Catholic Bible is a product of corruption and darkness.

      A Roman Catholic monk named Martin Luther did his best to clean up this mess during the Reformation. But even He did mistakes. Even the Lutheran Bible has left out some of the original texts, mistakes done during translation to German.

      1. Your heart is obviously hardened. That’s sad to see. But I don’t feel like explaining this to you, as it’s equal to talk to the wall behind me; it can’t listen. I recommend you though, to do some research on your own, and very well do it outside your narrow sect and read from reliable, objective sources.

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