Pope feels close to “god” of goodness and beauty

“I feel close to those people who do not recognize themselves in any faith but are in a search for truth, for goodness and for beauty, which is God.”

Dec. 12, 2012: Pope Francis during Hanukkah celebrations in Buenos Aires. Left, Rabbi Alejandro Avruj.
Dec. 12, 2012: Pope Francis during Hanukkah celebrations in Buenos Aires. Left, Rabbi Alejandro Avruj.

These are the words of Pope Francis on Wednesday. He called for “friendship and respect” among all faiths at a meeting with representatives of major world religions in the Vatican.

The Roman Catholic Church would “promote friendship and respect between men and women of different religions,” the pope said, a day after his formal inauguration in St Peter’s Square.

“We can do a lot for the good of people who are poor, who are weak, who suffer… and to promote reconciliation and peace,” the pope told them.

Representatives of Orthodox Christianity, Judaism and Islam were among those present at the meeting.
Latin America’s first pontiff said they should be united against “one of the most dangerous pitfalls of our time — reducing human beings to what they produce and what they consume.”

 The Argentine pope also said he felt “close” to those people who “do not recognize themselves in any faith but are in a search for truth, for goodness and for beauty, which is God.”

Turning again to religious community leaders, he said: “I very much appreciate your presence and I see in it a sign of mutual respect and of cooperation for the common good of humanity.”

Francis also assured Christians from other denominations of his “firm will to continue with the path of ecumenical dialogue”.

He also told Jewish leaders he wanted to continue “a fraternal dialogue” that began with the reformist Second Vatican Council of the 1960s.

Source: Rawstory.com

My comment:

Not so strange: In all interfaith gatherings, the word “god” appears in almost every speech. But the name of Jesus is hardly mentioned. The blood of Jesus is totally deleted, the only remedy for sin there is.

The Pope follows his “christ”, who do not mind being mingled into all kinds of religious settings. The Argentinian Pope also feel “close” to people who have no faith at all, but are searching for “god”.

I guess birds of the same feathers, flocks together.

The Bible have been available for 3.000 years, and can be read by anyone. God hates sin, but loves sinners who surrender to Jesus the Messiah.

The “Christ” of the Pope do not demand repentance from sins, but rather represent a “god of goodness and beauty”.

Such a universal “god” is not God of the Bible. It is no “god” at all, put a product of humanism, traditions and doctrines taught by demons.

If you fall into this kind of trap set by the Papacy, you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Please keep in mind that Jesus the Messiah will tell a lot of religious people. “Away from me, you who are cursed”. They will depart Into the eternal fire, of Hell, prepared for the devil and his angels.

You can be sure that the judgement of all God-mockers will be fair and just.

Repent or perish.

Written by Ivar

8 thoughts on “Pope feels close to “god” of goodness and beauty

    1. Dear Pastor James Miller

      Shalom, and love Jesus.

      We all want Roman Catholics to be saved. Even the Pope’s, if possible. The problem is that the Pope is branded as infallible in matters of interpretation of scripture, and guidance in moral issues. He is simply not able to revoke the mistakes of past Popes, kept on toxic chemicals in the crypt in the Vatican. The house haunted by demons are beyond repair.

      There is no end of the wickedness of the “Bishop’s of Rome”. 1.500 years of errors and blasphemy.


      Do not fall into the trap of accepting the seat of the Papacy, as a true seat of a Christian.

    2. Every “pope” is a false prophet, and catholicism teaches works for salvation, which leads to hell. If you can’t tell people that, then you are not a pastor sent by the Lord Jesus Christ.

  1. Its so true how they are leaving Jesus out, and this is all part of the Dragon’s plan. We can see this plan happening also in the different bible versions, as the newer or revised versions also have a habit of making Jesus not as prominent. For example:

    – KJV Eph.3:9 : And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God, who created all things by Jesus Christ:
    – NIV Eph. 3:9 : and to make plain to everyone the administration of this mystery, which for ages past was kept hidden in God, who created all things
    – RSV Eph. 3:9 : and to make all men see what is the plan of the mystery hidden for ages in God who created all things

    there are many more examples of this, Rom. 16:18 and Dan. 3:25 are other examples of when Jesus is left out or made to look like a “son of gods” respectively. So we can see that not mentioning Jesus plays a vital role in the Dragon’s plan.

  2. This new pope has done “humble” things such as pay for his hotel room, cancel his newspaper himself. He seems like such a friendly likeable guy…that is what makes him extremely dangerous. Its the fact that he will be able to easily manipulate people.

  3. I am the closed human being to GOD. Yes I am, we talk all the time, I had the devil in my house for 5 days. There is an angle living within me I know her name but won’t share it. She is so cool helped me with the devils crap, there was about 50 demons in my house…. There was at least 2000 angles that were taking care of us. Yes I can see angels. I am blessed that way. My best friend is an angel. The pope should talk to me……..

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