Chinese throw 13.000 dead pigs into river

Authorities in Shanghai started pulling thousands of dead pigs from one of the city’s major waterways, the Huangpu River.  

Dead pigs in the drinking waters of the city of Shanghai.
Dead pigs in the drinking waters of the city of Shanghai.

The municipal authorities in that city of 23 million are continuing to pull hundreds of carcasses from its waterways each day, bringing the total since last week to over 13,000.

Workers on Sunday pulled nearly 500 pigs from the Huangpu, bringing the total found from that river alone to over 9,500. The Huangpu River supplies over a fifth of Shanghai’s drinking water.

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My comment:

Man is the most wicked creation that has walked on Earth. In his fallen nature, he will face judgment, and eternal separation from God.

The Chinese people are not exception.

We do not know the reason for why these 13.000 pigs are dead.  But it should not come as a surprise, is they died of a sudden and not known disease. Man made Antibiotics do not longer work.

And when men see pigs dying like flies, they panic. No time to bury of burn the pigs, just thrown them into the drinking waters of the city of Shanghai and hope for the best.

This is madness, and a fruit of sinful men, who do not have a clues of what is about the take place.

The Globe will soon face Divine judgment, because of billions of people rejection of the Son of God, the Messiah who can take away their stains of sins by His own blood.

If you want to escape the coming wrath of God, you need to repent from your idolatry, your slavery to sins, corruption and indulgences.

Jesus the Messiah is alive, and He will save every sinner who is wiling to repent and obey. Amen.

Written by Ivar

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