Arab children taught the Nazi way to terminate Israel

A children’s program on Palestinian Authority TV, The Best Home, taught that Israel’s land belongs to the Palestinians and was “occupied” in 1948.

The children were also taught to anticipate the end of the State of Israel when the TV host stated that the land “occupied” in 1948 “will return to us one day.”

The PA claims in its international diplomacy that it recognizes Israel’s right to exist and that it only considers land under Israeli administration since 1967 “occupied.” However, as Palestinian Media Watch has documented, the PA adamantly denies Israel’s right to exist within any borders and often refers to all of Israel as an “occupation.”


My comment:

Hypocrisy can not be recognized by listening to what people say, but rather by detecting what people say and do not do.

The Arab intruders occupying the mountains of Zion, are not only hypocrites. They do the double talk.

They say something about “peace” to western media, words that fits into Western anti-Zionist viewpoints. Than they turn around and preach to the Arab World about Jew-hate and Holy War to capture Jerusalem.

A strong Fifth column in the Western World side with this kind of Jew-haters. The difference between this kind of antisemitism and Nazism is hardly possible to measure.

One of the largest and most committed sponsors of PA-TV, is the present center-left government of Norway.

The second and final “Holocaust” is in the pipeline. If Israel gives up the so-called Wes Bank, the Jewish people will face the final “Auswich lines”.

There is hardly 18 kilometer from the “West bank” to the sea, just north of the Israeli city of Netanya. No army in the world can defend such a mini-mini statehood from becoming the next victim of a promised and televised Islamic onslaught.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Arab children taught the Nazi way to terminate Israel

  1. When it comes to that final battle, the army of God will be their defender. Then the world will learn who the land belongs to.

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