The Japanese empire defend its fascist roots

Japan’s nationalist prime minister has dismissed the Tokyo war crimes trials in the aftermath of World War II as nothing more than victors’ justice.

The Japanese PM wants to white wash the Japanese war crimes of its fascist past.
The Japanese PM wants to white wash the Japanese war crimes of its fascist past.

Shinzo Abe, who was elected in a landslide general election victory in December, expressed beliefs that are likely to trigger anger in nations that were occupied by the forces of imperial Japan in the early decades of the last century and raise eyebrows in allied nations, primarily the United States.

 “The view of that great war was not formed by the Japanese themselves, but rather by the victorious Allies, and it is by their judgement only that [Japanese] were condemned,” Mr Abe told a meeting of the House of Representatives Budget Committee on Tuesday.

In his previous short-lived spell as prime minister, for 12 months from September 2006, Mr Abe said that the 28 Japanese military and political leaders charged with Class-A war crimes are “not war criminals under the laws of Japan.”

Source: The Telegraph

My comment:

I have been focusing on Europe’s return to its Nazis past.  But on the other side there is another nation, that was equally wicked and the Nazi-regime in Germany. The empire of Japan.

The two empires joined hands in 1940. Japan and Germany fought on the same side, having the USA, United Kingdom and Russia as their common enemy.

Hardly anything can surpass the crimes against humanity committed by Nazi-Germany. But the empire of Japan was not fare behind in cruel oppression, torture, rape and murder of innocent civilians.

The Asian tigers seems to be loaning for another war. With China putting a trillion USD into its armed forces, and a nuclear armed North Korea, this is a tinder box just waiting to explode.

 Proverbs 26:11

As a dog returns to his own vomit, So a fool repeats his folly

We know that there will be merciless violence on a global scale, just before the Messiah Jesus returns.  The Japanese PM is just giving his contribution to the ongoing lawlessness. Not only in Japan, but all over the world: The dog is about to return to its vomit.

Written by Ivar

4 thoughts on “The Japanese empire defend its fascist roots

    1. Join forces perhaps as the Kings of the East.
      Elder brother (Korea) and younger brother (Japan) will rejoin father China.

  1. The Word of God explains in great detail ”the horrors of War”
    which was done by both sides…sad to say….yet The Lord of Glory will forgive all if they but Repent & Believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ….

    Japan, is like Germany was in World War 2# their young warriors will rise up and do like wise…

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