The house of  “Catholic Mary” was transported by angels to Croatia, and later to its present location in Italy. The black Madonna of Loreto is protecting the house.

The Black Madonna of Loreto is the protector of the ‘holy house” of Mary.

When the Roman Catholic Kingdom fell in Jerusalem in 1291, the Vatican claims angels took the house of Catholic Mary to a small village in todays Croatia. The town is Treatto i Dalmania, located 138 meters above sea leaven five kilometer east of the Adriatic sea.

In 1294 angels came back to Croatia. The house disappeared, and resurfaced as the Holy House of Loreto in Italy.

This is supposed to be the “Holy house” of Mary who was airlifted from Nazareth, and landed in Croatia.

This is what the Catholic Encyclopedia has recorded:

  Three years later, in the beginning of the pontificate of Boniface VIII, it was carried again by the ministry of angels and placed in a wood near this hill, in the vicinity of Recanati, in the March of Ancona; where having changed its station thrice in the course of a year, at length, by the will of God.

The Vatican ban any doubt of this transportation by angles.

  That the traditions thus boldly proclaimed to the world have been fully sanctioned by the Holy See cannot for a moment remain in doubt. More than forty-seven popes have in various ways rendered honour to the shrine, and an immense number of Bulls and Briefs proclaim without qualification the identity of the Santa Casa di Loreto with the Holy House of Nazareth.

Source: Catholic Encyclopedia

How a stone house from Nazareth in Israel can fly to Croatia in truly a mystery for the Pontiff.  But the Bishop of Rome claims this to be trustworthy and true.  To ship this house by sea would be really be difficult. Since Nazareth is an inland village in Israel, and the Croatian town is located away from the sea, and at a height of 138 meter.

 With the Moslems taking over Albania in 1294 and the possibility of profanation, the House disappeared from Tersatto. According to some shepherds, it was seen on December 10, 1294, being borne aloft by Angels across the Adriatic sea and came to rest in a wooded area four miles from Recanati, Italy.


It is also a mystery why “god” wanted this house to land in Croatia in the first place. In 1291 A.D Croatia was a part of the kingdom of Hungary, who did not properly submit to the Holy kingdom of Germany Roman Empire.  This was the second Roman Empire, with the Pope as its spiritual head.

Since the house landed in Hungary, it is possible that the angles mistook the location. They might just have dropped the structure at the wrong place. An appearance of the “holy virgin” to a Croatian priest is used as a testimony of the genuine origin of the structure.

The Angles felt for taking the house into proper Papal territory in Italy. Again it was airlifted.

When you look at the structure claimed to be the house of “Catholic Mary”, you can not avoid to be troubled by its Babylonian look. It has a lot of “Holy sculptures” on its walls, and seems to be a house of a rich lady. Probably the “Queen of Heaven”.

My comment:

Like Muhammad was airlifted by his horse Al-Buraq from Mecca to Jerusalem, the house of the “ever virgin” was airlifted to Italy through Croatia.

The purpose of such a flight is not known. The theological implications are not fully analyzed.

Everything is possible for God, even airlifting buildings.

But why would “god” relocate the house of Mary to Italy?

And why is this Italian Madonna and her son both black?

A black Madonna and her  black “Christ” is the guardian of the “Holy house” now located inside a Church in central Italy.
The Pope bow before the Black Madonna of Loreto.

The Israeli Government should take legal actions against this “Catholic god”, who has robbed God of Israel for cultural items of public interest. Everything possible must be done to get the house back to Nazareth, and make it a proper tourist attraction.

No. Heaven forbid. Keep this falsehood where is truly belong. In Roman Catholic Italy.

 Jeremiah 10:14
Everyone is senseless and without knowledge; every goldsmith is shamed by his idols. The images he makes are a fraud; they have no breath in them.

Written by Ivar