Catholic priest in Italy burn poster of Pope

An Italian priest burned a photo of the former pope during mass in a move that left his parishoners stunned and slightly amazed.

Even Muslims do not burn posters of the Pope, during his visits in the Islamic World.
Even Muslims do not burn posters of the Pope, during his visits into the Islamic World.

The priest, Father Andrea Maggi, set the photo on fire during a sermon and compared Pope Benedict XVI to the captain of the Costa Concordia, who allegedly left his passengers on the wrecked cruise ship.

The captain, Francesco Schettino, was accused of fleeing his post when he was asked to be the last person off the ship, reports Sky News. Father Andrea asserted that Benedict did the same by “abandoning” the Catholic Church.

While he burned the photograph, the Italian priest explained:

“I’m doing this because he has not been a Pope, he has abandoned us. A shepherd never leaves his flock.”


My comment:

Many of the Roman Catholic priests have become raving mad. I would not recommend burring of a poster of any human being during a Christian gathering.

This seems to be an unholy act, by a very unholy priest.

To claim that the Pope has abandoned the Vatican Church, is fairly not correct. He has only given this religious movement to be lead by someone else.

Nowhere in the Bible it is written that a shepherd has to die with the boots on.  Or try to lead the flock, despite being crippled by Parkinson decease, hardly being able to say a word. I guess all Roman Catholics are able to understand my message.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Catholic priest in Italy burn poster of Pope

  1. This might sound harsh, but please understand, after a decade of research on the Roman Catholic church, I have discovered them to be the least christian, even less than islam could be called christian!

    There is no such thing as a holy priest, or holy pope, only in their own eyes, are they special and holy!

    Besides the word “holy” is a terrible misrepresentation of the word KODESH, used in Hebrew, to point out one who is separate from the world, from sins of this world.

    Holy imply a untouchable, yet, it is not what is meant by Scribes in the Scriptures! Kodesh = separate and holy = untouchable!

  2. The resignation of Pope Benedict as foretold by the visionary Maria Divine Mercy in her website warningsecondcoming com (which can be googled) is among the notable short term prophecies such as of Arab Spring/conflict, earthquake in Spain, death of Gaddaffi etc which have unfolded in time and space as personally monitored by me (since I’m from Geo-Sc background). The next prophecy is about the false prophet taking over control of the seat who will do away with the sacraments? and if that really be true then those Litany and Crusade prayers (over 100 Nos till date) should not be taken lightly by the clergy especially.

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