Report: Obama wants “judenrein” Mountains of Zion

World Tribune quotes Israeli sources saying US president expects to see detailed plan for Israeli withdrawal from “West Bank”.‬‬

Obama might have more success than Hitler, in establishing a "Jew free zone".
Obama might have more success than Hitler, in establishing a “Jew free zone”.

The Obama administration is demanding the detailed report during his visit to Israel, as part of initiative to establish Palestinian state in 2014

US President Barack Obama has demanded a timetable for an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank and wants to see a detailed plan from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his upcoming visit to Israel, the World Tribune reported Sunday.

The new Samaria policy of the Obama Administration.
The new Samaria policy of the Obama Administration.

Quoting Israeli sources, the newspaper said the Israeli plan would be considered as part of a US initiative to establish a Palestinian state in the West Bank in 2014.


My comment:

To demand that Jews pulling out from Judea and Samaria, is a bid to make the first “Jew-free zone” since Nazi-Germany.

Germany and Poland were almost made “Judenrein”. In Poland, Adolf Hitler “removed” 90 per cent of the Jews from this territory.

Now Obama wants to copy this acts inside the Biblical heartland of Israel, on the Mountains of Zion. What Obama is demanding, is that the plans of Nazi-leader Adolf Hitler must be fulfilled.  Pure and blunt neo-Nazism.

Jesus the Messiah will return as the Lion of Judah. Those who support this kind of evil against Jewish settlers, will face stern judgment.

Written by Ivar

21 thoughts on “Report: Obama wants “judenrein” Mountains of Zion

  1. I unfortunately reside in the States…do any of you across the water happen to know where Moses staff is? I would love to knock some Godlyness into our president…He along with the rest of the sodom and gomorrah have handed the keys to satan and I want to get out of the car…

    God Bless

    1. Ummmm he’s not a nazist or a racist,stop being extreme, that was our last President Bush and over half the american people, trust me I know, deal with it everyday…

      1. Dear Raindrop7.


        If I support a Jew-free zone, anywhere in the World, I would also have become a Nazi. Nazism is an ideology, built on the belief that Jews must be removed from areas, for this area to get prosperity and peace. Hitler wanted to remove them from Europe. Obama wants to remove them from Judea and Samaria.

  2. Hei Ivar,
    blogger du ikke på norsk lenger? Jeg finner ikke den gamle norske siden din.
    mvh Terje Bertelsen

  3. If Israel doesn’t agree into giving away land (and they won’t), I hate to think the consequences for Israel.

    Same coin, two sides.

  4. The land doesn’t matter. The land doesn’t matter. The LAND doesn’t matter. This is, and has been, from the beginning, a religious conflict. Islam and allah against the Jews, and eventually, the world.

    Muslims know it and preach it. Why is it that Westerners don’t seem to get it? If Islam could have it’s way, after Israel, they will come looking for you. In fact they’ve already started in Eurabia.

  5. Does anyone actually believe, I mean really, that if a Palestinian state were established, the Israeli/Muslim problems would go away and the Middle East would be an area of peace?

    The establishment of Israel caused a war before there was ever such a thing as “the Palestinian problem”. Allah, the demon concept the Muslims worship, will still be around after any Palestinian state. The Quran will still call for the death of unbelievers and apostates. Allah is the problem. Islam is the problem.

  6. `And I will Bless those that bless you and curse those that curse you` (Genesis 12;1). Is it a coincidence that at the same time the USA is moving rapidly away from our support of Israel that our country is drowning in seemingly unsolveable problems and moral decay? Our only hope is to repent and beg the Lord Jesus Christ for forgiveness. God bless you, and pray for the peace and security of Israel.

    1. Dear Todd.


      There are many copy-cats “Messiah’s” around. The problem is that most people talk, but do not obey. Only those who obey the Father in Heaven, shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Not those who claim to know “Jesus”, but only fool them selves.

      Matthew 7:22-24
      Many will say to me on that day, “Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?” Then I will tell them plainly, “I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!”

      Those who defame Israel, or brand Jews as NOT the chosen people of God, will not escape judgment.

  7. Good morning Ivar
    From your comment, am I to understand that defamation of Israel, and not branding Jews as God’s chosen people is the reason for all our (USA) problems, and rejecting Jesus Christ has nothing to do with our problems? Is that the point you are making?

    1. Dear Todd.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      My point is that we accept copy-cat-Jesus’es into our Churches. Pagans of different kinds, are not better of worse off than false Christians.

      One of the ways to determine a copy-cat Jesus, is his lack under support for Israel. Lukewarmness is a fruit of errors.

      1. Blessed is the land whose God is The Lord. The Prophet who wrote those words understood what brought blessing.He knew the blessing his people Israel experienced when their God was The Lord. He also knew the curse that came upon them when they rejected The Lord. Think of the many nations or people’s who’s God is not The Lord. Think of the unsolvable problems and moral decay and curse that they experience. It’s because their God is not The Lord. On the contrary think of the people’s or nations whose God is The Lord (if their are any) how they are blessed. I live in a town that I believe has a majority of its people who love Jesus. Many believers live here and the gospel is preached in the churches. A significant biblical influence exists.
        The local government is predominantly Christian influence. I consider this town to be blessed in a number of ways. It’s economy is good. It’s educational system is good and allows the preaching and teaching of the gospel to boys and girls. It’s crime
        Rate is low compared to other towns nearby of the same size. Unemployment is at 3percent. Many good things are experienced here and I can only conclude that it is because this town’s God is The Lord. This town come under attack by those do not know The Lord Jesus, but Jesus prevails, PTL. I believe any nation or people who have unsolvable problems and moral decay is because their God is not The Lord. America’s God is no longer The Lord Jesus in general majority sense. It’s monumental problems can be and are directly related to her rejecting Jesus. Blessed is the land who’s God is The Lord. Cursed is the land who’s God is not The Lord. No other reason.

    2. I think it best put that those who actually follow Jesus Christ, obey has commandments. One of those being ‘to pray for the peace of Jerusalem’. Another being ‘to bless the children of Israel’. Jesus was quite clear about the fact that only those who obey are with him.

      1. Hello Philmayo
        Peace to you.
        Their are two commandments that Jesus referred to as the greatest. They are; Love The Lord your God with all your heart ,soul, and mind and Love your neighbor. All the other commandments rest on these. What does it mean to obey these two commandments. Their is much to do in obeying these commands. When we do these, their is great blessing.

  8. Dear Todd, I am not suggesting that all of our moral failings are due to our lack of support for Israel, but the two do seem to be occurring at the same time. I agree that the cause of our countrys demise is our rejection of Jesus Christ and his teachings. Genesis 12:3 is a part of His teaching that jumps out at us as we approach these endtimes. Everyone needs to come to Christ NOW, time is running short. Peace to you, my brother in Jesus Christ.

  9. Hello Dean
    Peace to you my brother,
    God made a promise to Abraham, it was an everlasting promise.
    It still is in affect even today. It is in affect through his offspring or his seed. His seed or offspring is Christ. All who are in Christ are his offspring or children as we are reminded through Paul’s writings to
    The Galatians believers. God said to Abraham that he would bless anyone who blessed him, and we extend that to mean his offspring
    As well. God also told Abraham that he would curse anyone who cursed him. And we extend that to mean his offspring. If this is a correct understanding of what God said then God promises to bless anyone who blesses the children of Abraham or the offspring of Abraham. His offspring is Christ and anyone who believes in Christ are Abrahams offspring.Conversely a curse comes to anyone who curses Abraham and his offspring or seed or children.America more and more curses Christ and those who believe in him and his gospel. Any nation who does this or any people or people’s is cursed. Think of nations or people or people’s who do this

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