“PA Arabs may have faked price tag attack”

Police suspect PA Arabs vandalized 6 cars in Kusra village in order to falsely claim a price tag attack by Jewish extremists.

Muslims arrange Nazi-styled provocations in a bid to demonize Jews.
Muslims arrange Nazi-styled provocations in a bid to demonize Jews. Here a burnt car in Kursa village.

Police on Thursday were investigating the possibility that Palestinians may have vandalized six cars in Kusra, near Nablus, last week so that they could falsely claim it was a “price-tag” attack by Jews.

  “Israeli police have completed the initial findings,” National Police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld. “The conclusion is that the incident was not carried out as first thought. It’s not a criminal incident with nationalistic motives,” he said.

The suspicion is that it was locals [Palestinians] or other suspects who are trying to fake the incident,” he said.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Nazism and anti-Zionism have a lot in common. Their common Jew-hate make them commit crimes, for the sole purpose of blaming the crimes on the Jews.

Berlin on 27 February 1933. The Nazis put fire to the Reichtag, and blamed it on the Communists.
Berlin: 27 February 1933. The Nazis put fire to the Reichtag, and blamed the arson on the  Communists.

Just like the Nazis attacked Nazis to provoke violence in pre-war Germany, Muslims also attack Muslims, to blame the attack on the Jews.

Hitler portrayed him self as a man of peace, and the Jews the root of all evils. Both Islamic terrorist and supporting anti-Zionists also claim to be a “peace movement”. They want us to believe that they only use violence and terror, because of the “Israeli occupation”.

This kinds of blunt lies and falsification of history, is nothing new.  Nobel price of peace winner Yasser Arafat was a notorious liar. He kept on repeating them. Everyone with a minimum knowledge of Middle East history, know that when the PLO was formed in 1964, not a single foot of the so-called “West bank” was controlled by Zionists.

So where is the “occupation”, that made Yasser Arafat start his Nazi-inspired terror-campaign against Jews?

Lies, lies, and nothing but Islamic damnable lies.

Repent, or perish.

Written by Ivar

4 thoughts on ““PA Arabs may have faked price tag attack”

    1. Dear admin, or the Muslim issue.

      Shalom, and love in Yeshua.

      Jewish settlers have a right to live on the mountains of Zion. Still Arabs, and even some Jews, demand that they shall pack up and leave. Some of the settler youth, have formed the “price tag” movement.

      They say that we will not leave their properties without a fight. They warn, that all bids to remove them will come at a “heavy price”. Therefor, they tag buildings with warnings in Hebrew, and have even damaged some properties. They have even managed to protest inside IDF bases.

      For Arabs to copy this kind of acts, they put on a kipa, do some damage in Arab populated villages, and write some words of Hebrew on the crime scene. And than blame it on Zionist settlers.

      This kind of “modus operandi”, was used by the Nazi movement in Germany, They dressed up with Communist symbols, and even put the German Reichtag on fire, to blame it on “the enemy”.

      1. This kind of deceptive, fake racism claims and Arab propaganda and victimhood is happening all over Europe.

        Don’t worry: the true colors of these vile, barbaric animals are coming to light everywhere and people are turning against them in country after country. This is really good for the future support of Israel!

        The whole world should get together to get these savage, barbaric liars and pedofile invaders off the entire land of Israel altogether – including their occupied “Palestine” which they have no legal right to be on at all. We know now it is Arab stolen territory occupied via illegal mass immigration from neighbouring countries. It is shameful for anyone to side with these terrorist savages!

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