The term “Oslo War” more accurately define the “Second Intifada” by associating it with its cause.

Israel was lead into a trap set by an anti-Zionist elite in Norway.
Israel was lead into a trap set by an anti-Zionist elite in Norway.  Another “Oslo-war” is in the pipeline.

These are the words of Professor Ron Breiman. He is the former chairman of Professors for a Strong Israel.

This behavior on the part of the news media in Israel is wrong in the terminology being used and dangerous because of the impractical nature of the suggestions.

There is no reason for the Hebrew press to adopt the Arabic term “intifada” to threaten the Jews.
More and more Israeli citizens are using the term “Oslo War” to more accurately define the “Second Intifada” by associating it with its cause — the Oslo “peace” — which predictably led to the bloodshed.

Professor Ron Breiman
Professor Ron Breiman

For the sake of full disclosure:

This writer coined the aforementioned phrase, which was first used in two opinion pieces I wrote for the national-religious newspaper Makor Rishon (“Prepare for the Oslo war,” July 17, 1998, and “A war named Oslo,” Sept. 3, 1999) before the war actually began.

The use of the Arabic term is intended to conceal the connection between the result and the cause and protect those who instigated the foolish endeavor in 1993.

This media behavior is also wrong as far as its practicality and could potentially prove to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. If there is actual concern about renewed violence by the Palestinian Authority, the Israeli response should be one of a deterrence rather than conciliation; aggressive as opposed to soft.

Appointing Livni to lead the negotiating team with the PA send the wrong message and could arouse demands to provide “goodwill gestures” to the aggressor from Ramallah.

Obama’s visit at such an early stage of his second term and the pressures he can be expected to bring, before Israel’s new government will have been able to stabilize itself and before the American president has yet learned the lessons from the failures of his first trip to the region, could also serve to harden the demands of the “weak” Holocaust denier Abbas. His weakness is his strength.

The fact that every day for the past week a representative of the enemy has been interviewed by the various Israeli news channels, including the state-funded one, is strange to say the least. Can anyone imagine the BBC during World War II interviewing representatives of the Nazi regime and allowing them to go over the prime minister’s head in London to address the British people directly and threaten them with an “intifada”?!

Source: Israel

My comment:

That Europe is returning to its shabby Nazi past, can best be spotted by looking at the massive European sponsorship of Islamic terrorism against the state of Israel. Like Hitler targeted the Jews, Islamic forces follows in the footsteps of the Nazis.

Inside Israel there is a growing divide. Between those who understand the treat of building a neo-Nazi cell on the Mountains of Zion, and those who simply do not get the clue.

 Mark 13:19

because those will be days of distress unequaled from the beginning, when God created the world, until now—and never to be equaled again

Jesus the Messiah warned us that there will be terrible times as we approach His second coming.

Now, we are there. Only by being cleansed by the blood of the Lamb of God, man can escape the coming wrath of God.

Stand up for Israel. Stand with the Jewish people in their time of trouble.

Written by Ivar