Netanyahu thanks pope for deepening ties with Jews

Benjamin Netanyahu thanked outgoing Pope for improving the relations between Rome and Jerusalem.

The Pope got a red carpet welcome in Israel in 2009.
The Pope got a red carpet welcome in Israel in 2009.

On Monday Netanyahu thanked the Pope for his efforts to shore up often troubled relations between the Roman Catholic Church and Jews, including with his 2009 visit to the Holy Land.

That trip, in which the German-born Benedict paid respects at Israel’s main Holocaust memorial, was seen by many Jews as atoning for his lifting of the excommunication of a bishop who questioned the scale of the Nazi genocide. On other occasions he visited the Auschwitz death camp and the Cologne synagogue.

The pontiff, who will abdicate on February 28, also changed a Latin prayer for Good Friday services by traditionalist Catholics in 2008, deleting a reference to Jews and their “blindness” but still calling for them to accept Jesus.

“In the name of the people of Israel, I would like to thank you for everything you did in your capacity as pope in the name of strengthening ties between Christians and Jews and between the Holy See and the Jewish State,” Netanyahu said in a letter to Benedict, a copy of which was circulated to the media.

“I thank you also for bravely defending the values of Judaism and Christianity during your papal term,” the conservative premier wrote.
“I have no doubt that these values, which were so crucial to building the modern world, are no less critical for ensuring a future of security, prosperity and peace.”


My comment:

Israel have enough enemies, and do search for new friends.

We can not blame Benjamin Netanyahu for not being able to see the difference between Catholics and Christians. As a semi-religious Jew, He can not officially announce that he reads the New Covenant.

Every Jew have been told in school about forced baptism and pogroms, horrible crimes conducted by Roman Catholics against the Jewish people. The truth is that anyone who claim to know the Messiah, can not harm any Jew. Neither force him to do anything. All true Christians are called to bless Jews, and help them in their struggles in life.

Why is the Pope soft on the Jews living in Israel?

If the Jews had not been in control of Jerusalem, the Pope could care less about the Jews. But since the Pope wants to regain control of the “Holy city”,  he will play games with a Zionist like Benjamin Netanyahu. But mot because the Pontiff has a burden for the soul of the Israeli Prime Minister.

Do not be deceived by the Pope.

He is an antichrist walking on Earth. The present “Holy Father” is just paving the way for the next. And the one to be elected shortly, might be the last and final.

Written by Ivar

5 thoughts on “Netanyahu thanks pope for deepening ties with Jews

    1. Dear Matt.


      I have removed your link. If you rule out God of the Bible, you have no clue about why Jesus restored Israel in 1948. This is not a secular website. If you wants to base your knowledge on the wisdom of men, please go to other websites.

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