Swiss mayoral candidate support “final solution” for Jews

Media in Switzerland accuse Green Party politician of anti-Semitism, denying Israel’s right to exist.

Neo-Nazism can be both green and red, with Jew-hate as the core ideology.
Neo-Nazism can be both “green” and “red”, with Jew-hate as the core ideology. MP Geri Muller fits into the picture.

Swiss Jewish leaders and the Simon Wiesenthal Center sharply criticized MP Geri Müller, a Green Party politician running for mayor of Baden, because he supports close ties with Hamas and engages in pro-Iranian regime activities.

 “We criticize Müller’s closeness to anti-Semites and to Islamic Hamas, which denies Israel’s right to exist,” Jonathan Kreutner, the general secretary of Switzerland’s 18,000-member Jewish community, told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday.

“His relationship to the Iranian regime, as well as his playing down of Iran’s efforts to go nuclear is also problematic, as Iran has repeatedly propagated the [idea of the] destruction of Israel.

We also severely criticize his participation in a demonstration several years ago, in which the Star of David was compared with a swastika and he compared the situation in the Gaza Strip with the Holocaust.”

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

You are wrong if you think that only “right wing extremists” share the views of the Nazis. There is an equal amount of “left wing extremists” being the successors of this German hate ideology. The Nazis in Germany called them selves both nationalists and socialists.

First and most important:

Neo-Nazis like Geri Müller from the Green Party hate Jews. He supports those who looks for the “final solution” to the Jewish problem.


It is radical Islamist’s who are going to do the dirty work for men like Müller. Well paid intellectual Europeans support and strengthen terror-cells like the Hamas. They bid to push the Jews into a ghetto like corner of the World, a mini-statehood that no army can defend from total destruction.

Are you one of these “green” supporters of neo-Nazi activities in the Middle East?

If so, you need to repent. God of Israel is alive. He has chosen the Jewish people to be his people. If you harm them, you will only ending up harming your self.  Your life in the flesh might be prosperous. But at the end of the road, you will face judgment and eternal punishment in Hell.

Its your choice.

Repent, and give your life to Jesus the Messiah. Only He can save you. Amen.

Written by Ivar

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