Turned towards Mecca from Norway’s Utoya

An Islamic sect rented Utoya in Norway, and made the main hall into a payer center.

This is an image from the book “Utoya, The red terror island”. Muslims using the island praying towards Mecca.

22nd of July 2011, a Fascist terrorist killed 69 Lbour party Youth on the island of Utoya in Norway.

The ruling Norwegian Labour party used the tragedy, to portray the summer camps on “Utoya” as the island of innocence.

But a deeper study of activities on Utoya, display support of Arabian “Palestinian” terrorists. Even a Muslim sect was permitted to rent the Islam, and offering prayers towards Mecca.

Is it illegal to offer prayers towards Mecca?

Absolutely not.

But the question is, if permitting such sects to pray on your property is wise?

Splinter groups and sects within Islam look up on each other as valid targets for violence and terrorism.  Mosques of “liberal” sects are blown to pieces by the “hard liners” almost every day.

Who is this sect that operated on Utoya?

The members of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya (MKA) in Norge is a part of Ahmadyiyya Muslim Jama’at.  This is an Islamic sect who proclaim the Pakistani Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835-1908) to be both the promised Messiah and liberator Mahdi. The Government and religious rulers of Pakistan do not accept the members of this sect to be Muslims.

The AUF has, at best, a naive and incomplete view of Islam, proven by the renting their main hall at their headquarter at Utøya to this movement, and letting them turn the hall into an Islamic prayer centre.

The AUF-support of an Islamic movement has taken place simultaneous with the Labour Youth working hard to remove Christianity as a subject in Norwegian schools, and a removal of Christianity as the state religion, protected by law in the Norwegian constitution.

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Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “Turned towards Mecca from Norway’s Utoya

  1. I have the understanding that Ahmadiyya-muslims are the only real tolerant Muslims in the world. And for that I respect them. But still I find it strange that AUF allowed or welcomed Muslim prayer meetings in their buildings.

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