The mummified Pope Pius IX was exhumed

What is the difference between the corpse of the Egyrpian pagan pharaohs and the corpses of the Popes?

The beautification process of Pope Pius IX must have been like a nightmare for all who saw this corpse without a face mask.
The beautification process of Pope Pius IX must have been like a nightmare for all who had to examine this corpse without a face mask.

It is amazing that this corpse of Pope Pius IX is called “almost perfectly conserved.”

This was written in a 2000 edition of the magazine “Time”:

 At this point, wrote Monsignor Carlo Liberati of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Causes of Saints, “there was a moment of profound and intense commotion.” The body within, that of 19th century Pope Pius IX, was “almost perfectly conserved.” Pius, known universally in Rome as Pio Nono, died in 1878.

 Yet here he was “in the beauty of his humanity, just as he is seen in the photographic documentation” of his deathbed, back when the entire city came “and admired the beautiful face of the Pontiff smiling in the sleep of death.” Although Pius’ face is now masked, Liberati’s observations suggest that the old Pope is smiling still.

Source: The Times

My comment:

Even a small child can see that this corpse is like all other corpses. After about 78 years in the grave, the flesh is rotten. It is supposed to go back to dust, not to be removed and dragged into churches.

It is interesting that a Roman Catholic bishop claims this mummy is “smiling”.

Can you see any smile on “his face”?

Another aspect is the likeness of the burial rites of the Roman Catholics and the pagans in Egypt. The “royals” are buried together with their earthly belongings, believing they can take it with them into the afterlife.

Ramesses II, the pharaoh who fought Moses.
Ramesses II, the pharaoh who fought Moses.

Just another brilliant example of Roman Catholicism being a mixed up religion of Christendom and paganism, deeply rooted in Babylonian practices.

The road to Hell is surely filled up with good intentions, idolatry, falsehood and wickedness.

Repent or perish. Renounce the falsehood of the Vatican priesthood, and embrace and obey Jesus of the Bible. Amen.

Lets take a look at one more exhumed Pope.

Also Pius X was removed from his grave, 30 years after his burial. This is what Wikipedia has recorded:

 On 19 May 1944, Pius X’s coffin was exhumed and was taken to the Chapel of the Holy Crucifix in St. Peter’s Basilica for the canonical examination. Upon opening the coffin, the examiners found the body of Pius X remarkably well preserved, despite the fact that he had died 30 years before and had made wishes not to be embalmed. According to Jerome Dai-Gal, “all of the body” of Pius X “was in an excellent state of conservation”

Source: Wikipedia.

Lets take a look at a 1944 A.D picture of another exhumed Pope, Pius X, before and after he was put for display inside the Vatican:

The Pope was buried with his hat on, and probably with something from this closet.
Pope Pius X was buried with his hat on, and probably dressed in something from his closet.
Some priests inside the Vatican gave Pope Pius a face mask. The hat is removed.
Some priests inside the Vatican gave Pope Pius X a face mask. The hat is removed.
The skull of Pope Pius X has been covered with a face mask.
The skull of Pope Pius X has been covered with a face mask.

The present Pope is paying these corpses a visit, and even pray in front of them.

The present Pope stand and pray in front of the corpse of Pius IX. The skull has a face mask.
The present Pope stand and pray in front of the corpse of Pius IX. The skull has a face mask, and a funny cap.

Since some Roman Catholics might feel this picture is a fake, please double check on this site. Link:

You can click on these photo’s to enlarge them. And with the above pictures, I rest my case.

Written by Ivar


17 thoughts on “The mummified Pope Pius IX was exhumed

  1. Strange things these people do. The article shows a picture of a Pharaoh said to be Ramses who faught with Moshea. This has been found to be in error. The discovery of chariot parts strewn all along the Red Sea crossing site also depicts a four spoked, golden chariot wheel which evidence sbows only the Pharaoh’s chariot wohld have had. The Pharaoh that faught with Moshea died in the sea as the Scriptures say. Also, “King Tut” is said to be the firstborn of this very Pharaoh, died in the plague and buried in Pharaoh’s unfinished tomb and being a child (Prince Tut). A video about this can be found at Michael Rood’s site,
    I believe. He also has a Utube channel and the video can be found there. Check the video out and give your honest comment.

    1. Interesting you say that (about pharoah). In the Quran’s account of the story Pharoah did indeed go into the sea after the Children of Israel but when the sea covered the army, Pharoah’s body was said to be brought out to be an example to future generations. The body was indeed found by the Red Sea along with the rest of wreckage.

    1. G.J. Marino


      The Bible says that what the mans heart is full of, comes out of his mouth. Blessings or curses, praises or filthy language.

      Jesus love a sinner who is willing to repent, to change his ways. But If you do not repent, do not bother writing another comment. It will be spammed.

  2. We are to leave the dead to the dead and seek life which is in Jesus believing in the resurrected Jesus who gives us life. As you see we are witnessing the culture of death around the globe in which the vatican the popes and the blind catholics has been involved in for centuries. satan is death !! God Bless

  3. The headgear these corpses are wearing are miters, the official headress of a Roman bishop. The “funny hat” Pius IX now wears is called a “camauro” and was wonderful for keeping heads warm in the ninteenth century’s iffy heating.
    It is interesting to see the different colors of skin in the enbalmed corpse (brown) and the unenbalmed (white). Where I live, many people are requesting not to be enbalmed. I think they want to have “green” funerals.
    The photo of Pope Pius X appeared in a book called PIO X, UN PAPA VENETO, (Pius X, a Venetic Pope) and it is sold in his birth house in Riese, Veneto.

  4. Anyone with nasty comments, please keep them to yourselves. Everyone is free to think, do, worship and live the way they want in this World, so if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all, as the old saying goes. We don’t mock you and your beliefs so don’t mock us. Yes, the R. C. Church made a lot of mistakes in its’ past, but move on. We go for God if, you believe, not for the men who run it.

    G. J. G. 3
    Great Great Nephew of S. S. Venerabilis Pivs pp XII

  5. The just man is scarcely saved… -1 Peter 4:18

    Making fun of holy things you know nothing about means that you far from just.

  6. Archeologists have demonstrated that the bible story of the Jews in Egypt can’t be historically true, because there is “no trace of Jews in ancient Egypt”, as anyone who Googles that can learn. Thousands of Jews living there for hundreds of years would have left PLENTY of traces!!!

  7. The Roman Catholic Church is the one true church! Am not surprised its hated so much by people who clearly by their comments hate Christ. Long live the Catholic burch.

  8. Sorry Lad…But I respect your views however I have to say that the information you write is false….First of all when you say that pope Francis (Current pope) even prayed by the corpse pope pius X with the mask on is false…Look at the glass coffins…Pope pius X is in a gold glass coffin, however the coffin that pope Francis is praying by is a white glass coffin…..I believe that the coffin that pope Francis is praying it is of the incorruptible body of pope pius In and not pope pius X…Another reason that the body may seem a little “corrupt” to some because of the skin colour is due to moist,This is because when when they examine the body they clean it first, several times which interferes with the skin……Remember that even though the body is incorruptible,there is still no blood getting to skin cells,this means that the skin may look perfect but it will still be frail… the same way that if you wet paper it may change shape and colour..The same applies here!I belive that my Church,The Roman Catholic Church is the only true faith and there is plenty evidence to back it up,However again you have a right to believe what you want to And I as a Person can only respect that…God bless you all…

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