Islam and the World accept new Nazi-state around Jerusalem

An Arab Palestinian state will be as free from Jews as Nazi-Germany was during the Holocaust.

Neville Chamberlaine made “peace” with Hitler, and sold Chekozlovakia to the Nazis.

The World is sleeping. The Political leaders in the West is preparing for a “Palestinian” state.  In this statehood Jews will be rejected citizenship, and denied any rights to properties. There are already death penalty for Arabs selling land to Jews, enforced by the Palestinian Authority (PA) in Ramallah.

There are two million Arabs with full Israeli citizenship, most of them Muslim. To build an Islamic state with no Jews, that is real racism, That will become an Apartheid state.

Palestinians demand immediate statehood to counter Israeli “unilateralism”. Saeb Erekat said it was clear from the latest announcement of building plans in East Jerusalem and Ariel that Israel wants settlements, not peace.

Chamberlaine and Hitler shake hands during the Munich Conference in 1938.
Obama shake hands with Mahmoud Abbas during peace talks in Washington.
Obama treats an Islamic terrorist like a man of peace. Similarly the Nazis was hailed as peacemakers in 1938.

Israel’s plan to build new homes in East Jerusalem and the West Bank should be countered by international recognition of a Palestinian state, the chief Palestinian negotiator said on Tuesday.

Raising the stakes in the deadlock over stalled peace talks, Saeb Erekat said it was clear from the latest announcement of building plans that Israel wants settlements, not peace.

“Israeli unilateralism is a call for immediate international recognition of the Palestinian state,” he said in a statement.

The Prime Minister of “Palestine” Salam Fayyad burn Jewish products outside Ramallah.
Nazi police officer burn Jewish books in 1933 in Berlin.

The world paid little attention when the late Yasser Arafat declared a Palestinian state in 1988. But political winds have shifted and Israel today is seriously concerned that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas might win recognition.

Source: Israeli Daily, Haaretz.

My comment:

To accept the districts of Judea and Samaria free from Jews, will be like committing national suicide for the state of Israel.

If the Jews have no rights on the Mountains in Zion, the Islamic World will gradually be able to dismantle any right issues for today’s Jewish homeland.

The goal for men like Mahmoud Abbas and Saeb Erekat is to make the Middle East free for a Jewish state, where the Jews are in majority. Islam shall rule, and the Jews at best a powerless minority.

If this proposed Nazi-state ever comes into existence, Israel will loose control over its borders.  When the Jordan valley is gone, the Islamic forces of Hamas and Hizbullah will soon get a foothold next to Jerusalem.  Even Ben Gurion Airport and Tel Aviv will become within range of primitive rockets made by Islamic terrorists.

The leaders in the West today, are at the same wrong path as Neville Chamberline in 1938. By declaring ” peace in our day”, he did not only deceive him self and England. 60 million people had to die because of this foolishness of making a deal with the devil.

First published: November 10th, 2010.

Written by Ivar

4 thoughts on “Islam and the World accept new Nazi-state around Jerusalem

  1. The Islamic world and all its propaganda are making such a noise that these abhorrent ‘leaders’ simply fold to there lies. The sons of Ishmael it seems have much influence now, Of course the world will only agree, they are blinded by Our Lord and God. His promise is Faithful and true. He is Adonai El Shaddai the Mighty One of Israel.
    Soon the time will come when he closes the mouths of these peoples for His arm will defend the land and people of his covenant. Praise Our Lord and God!

  2. Ivar
    You have done an excellent job of showing the similarities between the two extremists. Hats off to you for an interesting post. The photographs say it all. Great job

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