When football became the devils religion

They have the Trinity, the devils children and the eternal flame.

Manchester United hail their trinity. Law, Best and Charlton.

Manchester United is not only a football club. It has become the end time “Mecca” for all who have football as their religion.

On the 30th of April, I jointed the Manchester United fan at the Trafford Pub and supporter bar. We all spent the evening watching Manchester United loose the mother of all derby matches 0-1 to rival Manchester city.

The very next day, I visited Old Trafford, the club headquarter of Manchester United. What I experienced was both fascinating and quite scary.  The club who has the devil in its logo, has within the last 10 years become the epic center of an powerful end time religion.

Here are some pictures:

In the center of the logo of Manchester United there is a devil.
Manchester United promotes the devils children at Old Trafford.
Manchester United use the symbol of many death cults.

Manchester United has it all. The club brand their three most successful footballers as “The trinity”. They have named their youth “the devils children”, and the stadium harbor the eternal flame.

A “Holocaust memorial” style museum has been built to honor seven football players who died in the plain crash in Munich in 1958.  George Best, Dennis Law and Bobby Charlton have become “saints”,  beautified and worthy of adoration and veneration.

When the “11 apostles” performed on 30th of April, there were 500 million people watching on TV. Tens of millions of pounds were made in sponsor income and media advertisements. Inside the football stadium, there is even a small wedding hall. The former dress up room for the “holy players”.

When the match is on, you can get high in your spirits.

Billions are made every year, when the players take their supporters to “heaven”. When the multimillion idols loose the battle, the whole community feel its a living Hell.  The terminology around the “red devils” is taken right out of the Bible.

The guide at Old Trafford took us to the site of the eternal flame.
The eternal flame has been made to mint money out of the death of seven football idols.

Football has become the main end time region for tens of millions of youth. They know more about their favorite team, that they will ever know about Jesus of Nazareth. If they will ever her about him at all.

Wide are the gates that leads to destruction. Old Trafford is one of the major gates.

Few people are willing to follow Jesus down the narrow path through the narrow gate. Eternal life is available. Only a few will find it.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “When football became the devils religion

  1. green bay packers has become an idol for many americans, even christian. show more exitment for football than for God. in fact, they go to church to worship God in their green oufit. very sad!

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