Yeshua song by Paul Wilbur

He is one of my favorite Messianic musicians and brothers. Please listen to this song from Paul Wilbur.

Tanks to our sister Liz from Denmark, who tipped me.

Written by Ivar

4 thoughts on “Yeshua song by Paul Wilbur

  1. Yes, the song Is beautiful, but since the nature of this site is exposing the false, it grieves me to say Paul Wilbur has been captured by false teachers and has joined Global Spheres with false prophet Chuck Pierce. He posted a teaching video on his own site some months ago that we are “little gods”…I think he must have had second thoughts about being too public with that false doctrine yet because it seems the video has been pulled….cannot find it anywhere. The devil has used a man of great influence and seeming integrity to promote a lie. Now many will listen to the lie they never would have entertained before because they trust Paul Wilbur. How deeply sad, I pray he will repent and loudly warn people of the deception.

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