Decapitated body of “James” adored in Spain

In Santiago del Compostella you can venerate the bones of a claimed “saint” that surfaced from the sea.  

The bones of “St.James” are paraded once a year on the shoulders of Roman Catholic priests in Santiago de Compostella in Spain.

Every year hundreds of thousands of Roman Catholics travel to Santiago del Compostella as pilgrims. They travel to Galicia in Spain to honor the remains of a man, the Vatican claim is James the Apostle.  His feast is on 25th of July.

The hand of “St James” on display in a Catholic Church in Reading in the UK.
If the claimed bones of James the Apostles is not on a World tour, they are kept in this silver box in the crypt in Santiago de Compostella.

Lets also look at how Roman Catholics in Santiago de Compostella celebrate Easter, or a festival the locals have named: Semana Santa

Local Roman Catholics dress like butchers and carries the Queen of Heaven on their shoulders.
The dress code for Easter have been the same since the Spanish Inquisition, when Jews and followers of Jesus were slaughtered.

No longer only Roman Catholics. This summer Reformed Christians in their thousands have returned home to “Rome”.

This is what a Roman Catholic blogger reports on the shrine in Santiago del Compostella.

 “Legend has it that decapitated body of the martyred saint was washed ashore in Galicia. The place where it landed was illumined by a star, hence the name Compostella, which came from the Latin Campus Stellae, Field of the Star. The Cathedral of St. James was later on built on the site where his remains were found and the body was buried in a silver coffin beneath the main altar”.

Source: Blogger: The World according to Marlon:

This is recorded by wikipedia:

 Decapitated in Jerusalem with a sword by Herod Agrippa himself, his body was taken up by angels, and sailed in a rudderless, unattended boat to Iria Flavia in Iberia, where a massive rock closed around his relics, which were later removed to Compostela.

Most scholars believe that James worked and died in Egypt. The Apostles most likely died during his mission in North Africa.

It is possible to carry bones across the seas in a ship. But that the “decapitated body of the martyred saint was washed ashore in Galicia” is simply too baloney.

People with a a little bit of knowledge of physics, knows what happens to “decapitated bodies” in the sea.

It is nevertheless remarkable stupidity, to believe that a decapitated corpse from the sea, can be identified.

Did the local priests in Galicia have the DNA-profile of James the Apostle?

It is sad that blunt lies and religious fraud is presented as something noble. But it is a complete disgrace that this kind of stuff is presented as “Christianity”.

The Pope is leading the flock to the site in Spain, where fraud and wickedness is presented as truth and “holiness”.

False teachers who present this kind of religious morbidity as anything but fraud, shall face stern judgment.

The Words of Jesus explains about a eternal lake of fire, for all He can not acknowledge. Just read Matthew 7:21-23, and Matthew 25:41 onwards.

I pray for all deceived souls, that they will leave this kind of devilish Babylonian religious systems, and turn to the living God: Jesus the Messiah.

Written by Ivar

19 thoughts on “Decapitated body of “James” adored in Spain

  1. Eye and mind opener.
    ”I pray for all deceived souls, that they will leave this kind of devilish Babylonian religious systems, and turn to the living God: Jesus the Messiah.” Perfect comment.

    1. Yes it is and the majority of the Catholic followers have no clue just how demonic the Catholic Religion really is..and those who do know, and remain there, blatantly reject Jesus Christ as they venerate all the ‘skulls, bones, body parts of the departed dead’…pure crazy and the majority of the Leaders of the World support this religion either publically and/or politically …yet before all is said and done, Christianity will be the one the World will call cults while they lift up these demonic led ridden ‘sick-o’ !

    1. I recently read of a testimony of a Christian who God allowed to see hell. And in one of those visions, the Christian saw a man who was known as a Pope on earth burning in flames.

      Jesus walked with the Christian and told the Christian tell those on Earth: Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders 1 Corinthians 6:9

      It is not the pope, it is not a statue, or a piece of cut off of a human that will save you.

      It is only Jesus Christ!

      1. Been there done that don’t wish to go back further more don’t wish anyone to go there…and you are so right Gloria….like the song says, Not your Momma, Not your Poppa, Not even your Grandma or Grandpa can save you or did save you..only by the Blood of Jesus are we all My God that’s awesome…saved by Jesus Christ…and all those who think ‘Let the Anointing fall, let God get ’em ..let a little of this or that get on them…NO.. ONLY BY REPENTANCE ..and …Believing in the Gospel of Jesus Christ…His Redemptive work will daily, nightly work in us ‘if we are truly born again’…

    1. Amen to that…there’s some really sick people out in the world…I’ve heard tell the prisons and jails are bad but they don’t hold a Candle to the Catholic Church and the other religious groups that claim to be the ”accepted ones” by the World! To me when the World likes it ..”that’s a MAJOR RED FLAG” ..(smile) Jesus said The World ‘loves their own’…

  2. I can’t help but notice in this story, and the previous one,the hoods these people are wearing. It is such a reminder of the Ku Klux Klan here in the states. In all cases they wear these hoods to conduct and ritualize they’re crimes. In fact, that is where the term “hood” comes from describing the gangsters and tough guys out conducting “enforcement”.

    So sad that this is “acceptable” …

      1. Dear youngChristian.

        Shalom, and welcome to this site.

        You have to go a little bit deeper into this article, and explain where we have gone wrong. If not: It will be impossible to learn anything from you.

      2. Perhaps you could, then , expound on that. I’m very well aware of the KKK here, and other brotherhoods, including the RCC that use the name of my Lord to promote their debaucheries.

      3. You do err by telling one they do not know what they are saying …then you say ”God Bless you”….hmmm …partaking in their sins just by saying that..and this said to godsfingers…Sweetheart, young or not if you be silent in an error you are approving of what is said…by our actions and words we show what we believe to all …many of whom we know not that what we say either endorses what they believe or helps them in the right path…as of godsfinger…perhaps you may want to spend more time in prayer ‘for’ the brother than to walk away leaving before the world your opinion he is an idiot or is not speaking Truth..which is it? Keep in mind that Almighty God sees what we write and to whom (smile) with total awareness of that fact…we persuade men knowing the terror of The LORD. When Jehovah Witnesses comes to my door, after I minster to them The Truth I tell them if they continue to believe their lie..I can’t even say ‘God speed to you…or I’d be a partaker of your sins…against GOD..we of this generation falls so short in what The Word says..but sweet joy when we are told the Truth in all areas we walk in is easier to repent than it is to retain our sins…though they be small in our eyes they are still as witchcraft before The Lord..

        1Sa 15:23 For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from being king.
        Samuel told this to Saul the king…
        (The Lord would not do unto us any less)

        2John 1:10 If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed:

        2John 1:11 For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.

  3. You say we catholics are demonic blasphemous sinners. Who are you to judge. When your sec of Christianity derives from the Catholic church. You are protestant. That means your sec of Christianity was once catholic. You believe faith alone gets you to heaven. When the bible clearly says you have to have the works to go with it. The pope is the head of the church. In case you didn’t know our first pope was st. Peter. And we pray to these saints for wisdom so that we may get to heaven because they are in heaven. However we do not say they are god. And yes the Catholic Church has its problems but we’re trying. Lastly remember the Catholic Church is the biggest charitable organization. Jesus doesn’t believe in judging and slandering others. So when you think that you are the real Christian you believe you are better than others. That Is Very wrong. I doubt you’ll find a catholic blog slandering protestant and fundamentalist. On that note god bless and judge yourself before you judge others.

  4. Oh and I know everyone is calling them KKK hats or as the author of this article called them papal butchers. They’re called capirote. The are use as traditional vestments to bring humility to one’s self. Because during the medieval eras criminals wore them as they were marched through the streets as they were ridiculed. So do a little research next time.

  5. Capirote; criminals wore them, as they are wearing today also v/s vestments to bring humility to oneself, jokers; classic contrast.
    Poor papal butchers! ROGUES
    Mint money an ultimate aim.
    Rogues without boundaries……….

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