104 sheep died on spectacular suicide mission

The dead sheep in Northern Norway seems to have waked into the ocean, and being caught by high tide currents.

104 sheep died a mysterious mass death in Northern Norway.
104 sheep died a mysterious mass death in Northern Norway.

Saara Kjestrup marvels to what took place in her sheep pen of 107. Today, only three of them are alive, reports the national TV broadcaster NRK. In the small municipality of Steigen in Northern Norway, a strange mass-death of sheep has been reported.

– We have always had sheep on this island, but have nerve heard of am incident like this. It seems like the sheep has walked into the sea. We do not know if they have tried to swim, or have been chased by wild animals, explains the owner.

Many islands in Norway are only populated by wild sheep.
Many islands in Norway are only populated by wild sheep.

A Government official is also puzzled by the strange mass death of sheep.
– Our theory is that the sheep has walked into the dry seabed on low tide, and got caught by a sudden rise in the high current, explain senior consultant David Nordheim in the Norwegian directorate of food and beverage inspection, “Matilsynet”.

Source: NRK.no

My comment:

A man asked his parish priest how it was possible for the Jews to escape Pharaoh in Egypt, walking across the Red Sea on dry ground.

The Catholic priest replied:

– It was extreme difference that day, between low tide and high tide.

I am not saying that the sheep in Norway had done something wrong, or that God destroyed them. But if you count Jesus the Messiah out of spectacular events in our days, you will basically not have a clue what has taken take place on Earth. Neither in the ancient past, nor today.

Inside the Great Tribulation, one third of the fish in the sea will die. And no man will be able to revoke God’s wrath that will come up on mankind.  Because man was not willing to repent, he will faint of the present terror, and even call the mountains to fall on him.

 Revelation 6:16

They called to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb!

Do not end up in this camp.

Accept that you are a sinner, and that only Jesus the Messiah can save you. Than you have nothing to fear. The Son of God will return, and gather you home to the eternal Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.

Written by Ivar

4 thoughts on “104 sheep died on spectacular suicide mission

  1. Just like the herd of swine in the Bible! The demons are chomping at the bit as they await their season of freedom upon the earth. Do you suppose the Lord has had to allow them to enter into schools of dolphins, flocks of birds, etc and now a flock of sheep, to satisfy their blood lust?

    1. My same thoughts exactly. Plus the image of a dead sheep prevails in most art at the Vatican, if you turn the images upside down. (Watch Jonathan Kleck’s videos on YouTube on this subject! He’s a flawed human, like all of us are, but it’s really obvious how the many Vatican images are designed in this way. So dead sheep is a mockery of Christ & of His followers?)

      Our time on earth is short & our Redemption drawers nigh. Shalom Shalom.

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