Norway will “tag” people with Alzheimer and “others”

The Government of Norway wants to “chip” elderly under health care with a GPS. Also others “under care”.

Just tag her, so she can not run away from the closed quarters.
Just tag her, so she can not run away from those who care for her.

How do you find a “missing” person with Alzheimer?

Just tag that person with a GPS. Than the health authorities do no longer have to take good care of them, but let the robot do the job.

The Government of Norway will request their own majority in the Parliament, to change the law.  Not only people with Alzheimer will be tagged. The law will give “authorized” persons permission to tag other individuals who are under “government care”. That might include prisoners, and even children in government controlled day-care centers.

Source: Multiple Norwegian media

My comment:

Most of the people are so comfortably numb, that they will not raise their voice against the promoters of a robotic takeover of the “health care sector”.

Not even parents will stop the Government when tiheir children are tagged with robotic technology.  It will be so “relaxing” to know, that even when the employees in a kinder garden have fallen asleep, the authorities will be able to trace a run-a-way child.

Prisoners will no longer be able to escape. The government can just call in the drone-makers, and terminate any criminal trying to run.

Are you so lukewarm, that you do not understand what i try to tell you?

Those who accept the spirit of anti-Christ, and take his tagged numeric GPS-technology, will not be permitted to enter the Kingdom of heaven. No matter who load they are able to scream “Lord, Lord”.

Written by Ivar

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