Hamas has secretly suggested “new Palestine” in the Sinai

 Egyptian papers claim Hamas has proposed new Palestine state in the Sinai desert.  

Ismail Hanyeth and Muhammad Morsi agree that Israel must be destroyed. But disagree how it best can be done.
Ismail Haniyeh and Muhammad Morsi agree that Israel must be destroyed. But disagree how it best can be done.

A study published Monday in Al-Quds by Palestinian engineer Mustafa al-Farra recommends solving Gaza’s “population explosion” by allowing the enclave to expand into the Sinai Peninsula, and transferring some Gaza residents to the West Bank.

A number of Egyptian newspapers recently claimed that Hamas has been planning to settle Palestinians in Sinai and declare a Palestinian state there.

Writing in Al-Ahram last October, Ahmad Naguib Roushdy said:

“If these rumors are true, the Palestinians have shown themselves to be ungrateful and could be considered to be Egypt’s enemies.”

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

There are honest Arabs, who do not submit to lies even if they have been told by Muslims a million times.

In 1948, Egyptian forces took control of the Gaza-strip. For the next 19 years the Arabs in Gaza were considered Egyptians.

In 1964, the PLO was formed. Not to demand liberation of Gaza from Egyptian occupation. The Arabs in Gaza did never ask Cairo to form a separate “Palestine state”. The two-state solution was already in place. The state of Israel, and the kingdom of Jordan.

The PLO was formed to “liberate Israel”. That could best be done by the demolition of the Jewish statehood. PLO and its allied started to use terrorism in a bid to force Jews to live in submission to Islamic rulers.

Since the Jews for obvious reasons do not want to live in submission to Islam, the PLO has failed to reach its objective. Not even with billions of dollars in support from the EU and the USA, the PLO has been able to break the spirit of the Jewish people.

Accepting the complete failure of their PLO-nexus, the Western powers should embrace the new idea of the Hamas. If “Palestine” is formed on Egyptian land, there will be no valid reason to accuse the Jews of occupying Arab land. The nations in the Middle East will eventually enter into a peaceful relationship with each other.

Will this be possible?

Absolutely not.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt will not accept that the people of Gaza stop their Jihad against the Jewish state.

Why do the Hamas suggest a “Palestine” in the Sinai desert. Is it because the Hamas wants peace?

Absolutely not.

The Hamas just needs more space for their terror-activities. The proxy of Iran would like to have a proper seaport inside the Mediterranean ocean, and to build an International airport. Israel will never permit that the Hamas will build these kind of facilities inside Gaza.

Will the Muslim Brotherhood permit this?

….to be continued.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Hamas has secretly suggested “new Palestine” in the Sinai

  1. Shalom Salaam Ivar

    Both Hamas and Fatah are the product of the Israeli occupation. But moving forward towards PEACE if one goes back to resent history you will find in India Muslims and Hindus swapped the entire population to created separate countries. Also the Greeks and Turks did some similar swapping of population.

    The Association of Muslim nations could buy the whole of the Sinai with blessing and sacrifice of the Egyptian Nation. New Palestine could be established larger, hopefully housing the whole of the Palestinians where ever they reside. They could turn the Sinai Dessert into somewhere green and prosperous like Israel,

    This New Palestine could be a good neighbour with Israel and see normalisation of relations between the Muslim world and Israel. Hamas and Fatah could disarm and like Northern Ireland deal and become political parties.

    All Prophets of God found solutions towards PEACE and harmony not hate and conflict.

    Also in Lebanon Hizbullah could disarm and become a political party, having no need to arm, only through love and peace.

    Meglav train could be established for pilgrims into Jerusalem and the other sites of the prophets, bringing tourism and income for Israel.

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