Adolf Hitler had a “messiah complex”

McCurdy suggested Hitler had a “messiah complex,” believing he was leading a chosen people on a crusade against an evil incarnate in the Jews.

Hitler believed God wanted to kill all the Jews. Just like antichrists today believe Jesus is not the protector of the state of Israel.

The report was written by an academic called Joseph McCurdy who studied radio speeches Hitler gave in 1942. The analysis of Hitler’s mental state, was uncovered by a Cambridge University researcher, Scott Anthony.

Hitler’s growing paranoia was most alarming. McCurdy suggested Hitler had a “messiah complex,” believing he was leading a chosen people on a crusade against an evil incarnate in the Jews. The paper notes an extension of the “Jew phobia” and says that Hitler now saw them not just as a threat to Germany, but as a “universal diabolical agency.”


My comment:

I have read “Main Kampf”, and I can confirm that Hitler thought he was the savior of the World. His idea of a millennium German kingdom was a copy of the Biblical millennium, where the Messiah Jesus comes and reign. Just like the “Holy Roman Empire of Germany” was a fake millennium kingdom, ran by remote control by the Pope.

Hitler was an antichrist, and he was supported by other antichrists. Like Benito Mussolini, and the antichrist the Italian dictator gifted the Vatican statehood in 1929: The Pope.

Antichrist can not accept that Jesus has come in the flesh (a Jew), and that He is the king of the Jews. The Pope and other antichrists teach that God of the Bible is done with the Jews, and that the pagans in Rome has taken the place of the Jews. Rome teach that the Roman Catholics have replaced the Jews, and the Pope him self being the representative of God on earth, the infallible “vicar of Christ”.

This kind of teaching is displayed in the book of Revelation, as being the teaching of priests, who serve in the synagogue of Satan.

 Revelation 3:9
I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars—I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.

Its you choice if you want to brand this evil Vatican ideology as a part of “Christianity”. If so, you have not only sided with the antichrists. You have become one your self.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Adolf Hitler had a “messiah complex”

  1. People who have studied the life of Hitler during WWII said that he would prowl the halls of his residence at night and speak to those who others could not see. Many felt sure that he was demon-possessed at that point in his life. He was obsessed with the occult from the beginning and participated in occult ceremonies. It has been said that he particularly hated Jewish-Christians and despised Christians in general (even though he pretended to be a Christian). He planned to eliminate the churches eventually once he established his worldwide “reich”. The “Islamofascists” today have similar plans. Just as Hitler planned, they expect to first eliminate the Jews and then the Christians. But God has other plans.

  2. Interesting that the verse the writer uses from Revelation suggests that these fake Jews who are liars just like their father Satan make up the synagogue of satan. A synagogue is a Jewish place of worship. I don’t believe synagogue describes any other place of worship other than a Jewish place of worship. Its interesting to me that these fake Jews do not make up the church of satan. The church or a church is designated solely
    to Christ’s church. A place where his believers worship him. In this verse that the the writer cited, Satan’s worshipers made up a synagogue and Jesus said that he would make them fall down at their (the believers of the church he was writing too) feet and make the fake Jews acknowledge that he loved the church he was writing too and not the fake Jews. Interesting to say the least.

  3. I find it interesting that ‘hitler hatred” is just a substitute for jew hatred, for when the Jewish messiah returns and actually succeeds Christians will call him the Anti-Christ whether or not he is Jesus-Yeshua. Just as Hitler phrased the Jews as being people of hatred opposed to the love of Christ, so Christians see Hitler the man of hate as the opposite of Jesus the man of love, and the coolest thing is that confronting Hitler must force dogmaticly based Christians to focus on the message of the ultimate servant of God and man jesus, and to take a second look at the historical reality of Roman re-writing and interloping of the real Hebrew yeshua who was born a Nazirene at a time when Judaism was split into more factions than the re-written Roman Bible is willing to admit…..many sects of jews which were lost to history. Essenes NEVER mentioned in the Roman Bible, Nazirenes who all historians agree were vegetarians as was James the Just who was raised vegetarian if you do not believe me do the research yourself. Antisemitism was written into the New Testament by Rome who wished to continue to persecute the Jewish people by portraying Jesus as un-intellectual in his response to jews who questioned him by the simple answer; “my word has no place in you”, “you and you father the devil”, preffering a Roman soldjer to his own people. He is presented as being flipent with them and really quite mean at times. Always saying you understand neither me nor my father, he continually insulted them in the most egotistical way imaginable as he is presented in the Roman Bible. People in the Christian faith who claim Hitler was no Christian because he hated the jews, and hatred of the jews is satanic need to admit that jesus as he is mistakingly presented also fits this description!
    Untill Hitler put Christians and jews side by side in the camps, killing them has equals have Christians seen Jews as their friends. The positive is that Christians no longer hate Jews, even if they believe them to be mistaken, they are no longer the children of the devil, but the very children of light.

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