“Offering aid to Egypt is the same as giving billion to support Nazi Germany.”

Leon de Winter correctly bell President Muhammad Mursi of Egypt as a neo-Nazi.
Leon de Winter correctly call President Muhammad Morsi of Egypt a neo-Nazi.

These are the words of Leon de Winter, a Dutch Best-selling novelist. He will calculate amount of his tax going to Egypt via EU aid, and withhold that sum.

The reason is the anti-Semitic statements by Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.  De Winter made the pledge in a column published on Jan. 12 in De Telgraaf, Holland’s largest-circulation daily.

He said he would calculate how much of his tax payment would go to Egypt in the form of aid by the European Union, and withhold that amount.

“Offering aid to Egypt is the same as giving billion to support Nazi Germany,” he wrote.

The Middle East Media Research Institute this month released videos filmed in 2010 in which Morsi, who became president in 2012 as a representative of a party affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, is seen calling Zionists “descendants of apes and pigs” with whom there can be no peace.

“I know I am entering a long process at the end of which I will have to appear before a judge, and I am looking forward to it,” de Winter wrote.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

It is good that well known Dutchmen are cutting their tax payments to the EU. Someone must say very clearly that they say “no” to the rise of Fascism in Europe.

You would not have liked it your Government had used your tax payments to support the regime of Adolf Hitler?

The European Union supports the neo-Nazis of our days, best represented in the Middle East by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Most of the people in Europe are lukewarm. I hope and pray that all honest and God fearing people in all nations will follow the example of Leon de Winter.

I hope and pray that Jesus the Messiah will open the eyes to all who do not see what kind of Islamic movement who receives “aid” from both the EU and the USA.

Written by Ivar