Terror state will go bust without US aid

PLO workers have not received a full salary in almost three months amid a deepening financial crisis.

Obama do simply not have more money to pay for the salary of Mahmoud Abbas.
Obama do simply not have more money to pay for the salary of Mahmoud Abbas.

Hundreds of Palestinian government workers protested outside the PA prime minister’s office in Ramallah in the West Bank on Tuesday, saying they had not received a full salary in almost three months amid a deepening financial crisis.

From a high of USD 1.8 billion in 2008, foreign aid plummeted to USD 600 million last year, according to the Palestinian Monetary Authority.

Yet hiring has continued to rise in the PA’s swollen public sector, and efforts to improve tax and utility bill collections have only increased public anger.

Palestinian officials said Arab countries had failed to deliver a USD 100 million monthly “safety net” promised before their UN statehood move in November. Around USD 200 million in U.S. budget assistance pledged by Washington in 2012 has been held up by Congress. (Reuters)

Source: Reuters

My comment:

The good news for the American tax payers, is that they do not have to finance the full Hamas regime in Gaza.

The bad news is that some of the salary-cheques from Washington do have to be used to pay Hamas “aid workers” in Gaza.

The balance amount will be paid by Iran.

The culprit here is Saudi Arabia. The Islamic Kingdom has failed to rally the Arabian dictatorships to give their promised cash to the PLO leadership.

There is obviously a valid reason for the delay. In nations like Libya, Yemen, Egypt and Syria, the Islamic forces has been occupied by killing each other, in a bid to overthrow secular dictators.

Saudi Arabia can no longer deal with some of the new regimes, who was supposed to support Ramallah. Because the next heads to be cut of by the new rulers, might be the heads of the very Saudi Royals.

The situation is surely complicated.

The Jihad forces must rely on the European Union paying their bills. Because in Washington, president Barack Hussein Obama do not have the majority in the Congress. And most Americans are not so lukewarm and disconnected as the European leaders, who have already pledged another 80 million US dollar in “aid” .

The US Congress simply refuses to dance to the tune of Hussein Obama.

The message from the House of Representatives is now:
– Arabs: Please pay the bills of your own terrorist movements.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “Terror state will go bust without US aid

  1. There wouldn’t be this big Palestinian problem if the Arabs didn’t have wars with Israel. So, by right, they should be paying everything.

    1. Dear Dave 1543.


      The Bible is clear why people have problems. They (plural for I, groups and even cultures) do not listen to God, who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Most of the “problems” I have, is based on my own mischief. I simply refuse to listen and obey.

      The Arabs have refused to listen to God for about 3.000 years. Curses has passed down the blood lines, from the parents to their children. They do not want to accept that they live in rebellion against the truth, and have chosen to follow Imams and political leaders who built their lives on lies.

      For the Arabs to end their hate of the Jews, and stop trying to destroy Israel, they will have to renounce the Koran as evil. The base for their fight against Zion is a call for Jihad, given by the false prophet Muhammad.

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