Saudi Arabia cut head of maid with sword

Saudi Arabia beheaded a Sri Lankan maid convicted of smothering an infant child, despite her being aged just 17 at the time of the offence.

It is to late for Rizana. The barbarians in Saudi Arabia showed their true colors.
It is to late for Rizana. The barbarians in Saudi Arabia showed their true colors.

A sword-wielding executioner carried out the death sentence on Rizana Nafeek in the town of Dawadmy, near Riyadh, just hours after the country’s Interior Ministry ratified the court verdict against her.

Nafeek was given the death sentence in 2007 for smothering the infant while working as the child’s nanny. She had been accused of killing the four-month-old boy two years earlier following an argument with his mother.

Obama showed his true colors bowing before the King of Saudi Arabia.
Obama showed his true colors bowing before the King of Saudi Arabia.

Nafeek however, who was aged only 17 at the time of the alleged offence, insisted that the child had choked to death on milk during a bottle field.

The Sri Lankan government appealed against the death penalty but the Saudi Supreme Court upheld it in 2010. Despite an international campaign for clemency, that verdict was finally ratified by the country’s Interior Ministry yesterday.

The announcement the execution had taken place shocked Nafeek’s supporters who had expected the government of Sri Lanka to enter into negotiations to pay blood money for clemency.

Source: The Telegraph

My comment:

Support of brutal, pure religious evil. The ruling elite in Washington have blood on their hands. These hypocrites cover up crimes against humanity in the Islamic world. Their reward is limitless supply of oil, free trade and handsome levels of profit.

US President Barack Hussein Obama did not waist much time before he bowed before the king of Saudi Arabia. The son of a Muslim father received a Islamic medal of honor in the Islamic Kingdom.

The Muslim Brotherhood is surely on the rise. Both in Egypt and in the USA.

Jesus the Messiah has told us in advance that many of his children will die as martyrs.

The children of the devil in Saudi Arabia claim that God has no Son. They try to convince us that Jesus was just a prophet. His blood counts for nothing, and His atoning death and resurrection is presented as pure fiction.

Reject evil men who make a mockery of the blood of the Messiah. Obey Him, even if the very savage of mankind comes with a sword and threaten to cut your head off.

They will burn in Hell for ever and ever. No end of pain and agony. You have already been gifted eternal life with Jesus, mighty God and prince of peace. Your home is the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen

Written by Ivar

8 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia cut head of maid with sword

  1. Perhaps its Israel that needs to recognize Palestine’s right to exist?

    Daily Beast:
    Israel won’t allow ‘State of Palestine’ passports – Chief PA negotiator: Israel “will not allow Palestinians to travel” with “State of Palestine” printed on identification documents. New emblem to be used in coordination with countries that recognized Palestinian observer state status in the U.N. (Israel Hayom)

  2. S Peres NYTimes 1/10 : there are a billion and a half Muslims. The Palestinian problem affects our entire relationship with them.
    {so why are Evangelicals always creating a vacuum and attempting to make it exclusively an Israeli/’Palestinian’ equation?}

  3. um im muslim and we get taught that jesus is a prophet but should be shown the same respect as Mohammed because they were all profits of god but they emphasis on jesus being a human so he is not worshipped like god. you are just retarded.

    1. Gemma,

      The problem with your religion is that you refuse to see Mohammed as the liar he was, and Jesus Christ as the ONLY GOD he is.

      Christ’s Word is eternal, and he says John 8:24 I told you that you would die in your sins; if you do not believe that I am [the one I claim to be], you will indeed die in your sins.

      Christ tells you and all who do not believe that HE IN HIM, will die in there sins.

      Yet Mohammed, who was a sinner refused to believe in Jesus Christ, and committed many sins, without repenting.

      Your allah will not get you to heaven. Only Jesus Christ who died on the cross for me and you, who rose, and comes soon will.

  4. I do not believe in any god but the funny things is….Christians, with all their constant love of god love thy neighbour they spout are the most violent of all religious people I have witnessed more violence coming from christians (often directed at minorities) than from everyone else and I have found Muslims to be far more generous and welcoming.

  5. That’s hilarious Matt. There’s 50 Muslim nations and one Jewish. Israel and Palestine did not exist before WW2. It was part of the ottoman empire that was carved off as part of the losing side. The moment Israel started making base the surrounding Arab nations have been attacking it and its been defending itself. The keep trying to make amends by even mostly giving up their most sacred site the rock (which Muslims built a mosque on top of) but the deal was they could go on their most holy days. The Muslims wait for them to stone them. Palestine wants no peace with Israel. They want them eradicated altogether and nothing else will suffice. Mohammad demanded it and they want to do it.

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