The Fascist government in Egypt demands 500 billion USD from Israel for “damage to Sinai” during the “Israeli occupation”.

The present Fascist government in Egypt to not accept the Camp David peace agreement from 1979.
The present Fascist government in Egypt to not accept the Camp David peace agreement from 1978.

In December of 2011 Egypt sent the United Nations a report detailing the reasons for which Israel owes the government of Egypt USD 500 billion for damage sustained by the Sinai Peninsula when it was controlled by Israel between 1967 and 1982.

Following one year of inaction by the UN, the report has now been sent to the US administration in the hopes that it will press its ally, Israel, into paying the debt.

The monetary demand is based on the claim that in its occupation and exit of the Sinai Peninsula, Israel disabled all ways of life and methods for progress in the region. It is based off of Article VIII of the 1979 peace agreement between the nations, which said, “The parties agree to establish a claims commission for the mutual settlement of all financial claims.”

Source: Nuqudy, Dubai.

My comment:

I wonder when the government of Israel shall send a bill to Rome for the damage done to Jerusalem in 70 A.D.

The Emperor of Rome “occupied” Biblical Israel, and did considerable damage to the Jewish people in 70.A.D. Basically the barbarians burned down the whole city, and destroyed the second Temple.

In today’s value, Israel should at least claim a trillion USD in compensations from the claimed followers of the Roman Emperor, the very Pontifex maxims in the Vatican.

In regards to Germany paying compensation for the damage done to Europe and Russia during second World war, my best guess is that not all the money in the World will be enough.   Likewise Egypt should pay compensations for the attacks on Israel in 1948, 1952, 1967 and 1973.

To claim money from the nation the Egyptians have tried to wipe off the map of the Middle East, is so foolish it is difficult to comprehend. May be Israel also should pay for the traffic chaos in Cairo?

Written by Ivar