Italy bans card payments in Vatican over money laundering

Italian authorities have stopped all electronic payments inside the Vatican City.

Like a modern Ceacar, the Pope has managed to smile from the Euro.
Like a modern Caesar, the Pope has managed to smile to us from the Euro.

The Bank of Italy complained that it had failed to bring in new procedures to prevent money laundering.

The Bank of Italy suspended all bank card payments on Vatican territory from the start of the year and ordered

Deutsche Bank Italia, which manages electronic payments for the world’s smallest country, to turn off its systems.
Italian newspapers reported that the action was taken after officials at the Italian central bank became worried that the Vatican was not prepared to implement new anti-money laundering rules.

The suspension of card services means that the Vatican museum, along with the territory’s pharmacy and post office, have all been unable to transfer money and accept payments.

A spokesman for the Vatican told the Italian press the state hoped to find a non-Italian bank to provide it with access to payment services “quite soon” and that the problem would be “short-lived”. The Vatican has not commented directly on the Bank of Italy’s concerns.

Five million tourists visited the Vatican last tyear and spent €91.3m (£74m). However, until its payment systems are restored the Vatican said that all transactions, including buying tickets for its world famous museum, would have to be done in cash.

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My comment:

The Pope is not only a religious ruler. He is a wordily ruler. with his own state.

Since the Pope has chosen to follow the rules of the World, He needs to follow EU’s directives to prevent “money laundering”.

The Pope will also be have to accept electronic tagging of its subjects. All the Papal faithful will obviously take the mark of the beast.

Flesh give birth to flesh. Jesus the Messiah told us that flesh can not enter the Kingdom of Heaven without being born again. Born of water and of spirit. Amen.

Written by Ivar

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