False Christians in Norway promotes sharia laws

Members of the police and judges could be allowed to wear the Hijab if a government committee gets its way.

Hadija Tajik (Muslim) says no to Sharia laws in Norway, accepted by false Christian Sturla Stålset.
Minister of Culture Hadija Tajik (Muslim) says no to Sharia laws in Norway, accepted by false Christians like Sturla Stålset.

We must bear to be exposed to other people’s religion, whether we meet an Imam in a hospital corridor or a police officer with Hijab” a committee member told Vårt Land.

Head of the committee, Sturla Stålsett, said that they did not want religious symbols hidden but to welcome religious diversity.

This is a different stance to the French government, which first prohibited wearing of visible religious symbols in public schools in 2004. This was followed by a ban on wearing a Niqab in public five years later.

Former minister of Church Affairs, Svarstad Haugland.

The committee wants Norway to be “actively supportive of faith and belief policy.”

In 2009, then Minister of Justice Knut Storberget banned Hijab wearing in the police. Socialist Left (SV) Minister of Education discounted a school veto the following year, later contested by the Far-Right Progress Party (FrP).

Source: The Foreigner.no

My comment:

Norway is one of the main sponsors of Arabian and Islamic terrorism against Israel.

The present Green-left government is by many considered the most self-destructive government in Norway since the Quisling government that ruled in Norway from 1942 to 1945.

To accept Hijab for judges and police officers is to bring Norway to the level of Iran, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia.

The people of Norway has silently accepted that an anti-Christian pro-Islamic elite is running their Government. Only time will tell if the Norwegians will be able to get rid of this regime, who are bringing curses down on the heads of ordinary Norwegians.

The government of Norway is destroying both the national Christian culture, and a free democratic society built on freedom of speech, liberty and respect for human rights.

It is worth noticing that three off the members of the committee who promotes an opening for Sharia laws in Norway, is former minister from the Christianity Peoples Party (K.r.F), Valgerd Svarstad Haugland.

A few weeks ago Svarstad Haugland promoted Norwegian Islamists Trond Ali Linstad to a honorary Royal Medal issued by the King of Norway.  This promotion was withdrawn by the Royal family, after the Norwegian media turned negative. The Simon Wiesenthal Center gave Ali Lindstad a place among the 10 top Jew-haters in 2012.

The very Chairman of the committee who promotes sharia laws, is present director of the Norwegian Church Street aid, Mr. Sturla J. Stålseth. The third spectacular member is an apostate former Lutheran priest and former MP, Mr. Rune Skjœlaaen.

That claimed to be “Christians” promotes Sharia Laws in the juridical system of Norway, gave the Minister of Culture the chance to score a seldom political victory.

The minister of culture Hadija Tajik is a Norwegian-Pakistani who claim to be a Muslim.

She now got a good reason to change her mind. She is now against the very proposal she supported as late as 2009, before she became a Cabinet minister. Yesterday the apostate Christians gave Tajik a brilliant change to score a political victory, and appear as a “responsible moderate Muslim”, a minister and member of the secular Labor party..

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “False Christians in Norway promotes sharia laws

  1. Soon it will be called Norgestan. Every time I visit my ancestors homeland I am shocked at the adoption of the new world order agenda and appeasement to Islam. I guess they will learn the hard way once the tipping point arrives.

  2. I pray that these deluded men and women wake up to their misguided deeds, lest they be cast into God’s judgment with their False Prophet.

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