To whom do the “Falkland Island” belong?  And why do the United Kingdom want to hold on to a colony 12.677 kilometer south west of London?

Rule Britannia. The United Kingdom see no reasons to remove illegal British settlements.
Rule Britannia. The United Kingdom see no reasons to remove “illegal” British settlements off the cost of Argentina.

What are the real names of the disputed  islands of the coasts of Argentina, and why can not these islands be ruled from Buenos Aires?

The distance from the capital of Argentina to Port Stanley is “only” 1.905 kilometers.  And the “occupied British territory” is hardly 480 kilometers off the cost of the former Spanish colony.

Who is the legal owner of these island, on the edge of the sea around the South pole? Lets see what Wikipedia can tell us:

The first reliable sighting of the Falkland Islands is usually attributed to the Dutch explorer Sebald de Weert in 1600, who named the archipelago the Sebald Islands, a name they bore on Dutch maps into the 19th century.

In 1764, French navigator and military commander Louis Antoine de Bougainville founded the first settlement on Berkeley Sound, in present-day Port Louis, East Falkland.

In 1765, British captain John Byron explored and claimed Saunders Island on West Falkland, where he named the harbour Port Egmont and a settlement was constructed in 1766.

Unaware of the French presence, Byron claimed the island group for King George III. Spain acquired the French colony in 1767, and placed it under a governor subordinate to the Buenos Aires colonial administration.

  In 1770, Spain attacked Port Egmont and expelled the British presence, bringing the two countries to the brink of war. War was avoided by a peace treaty and the British return to Port Egmont.

On 2 April 1982, Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands and other British territories in the South Atlantic.  Argentina use the original Spanish name: “The Malvinas”.

My comment:

The International double standard of the United Kingdom becomes obvious in the matters of the Falkland Islands.

While London demands a ‘“Jew free zone” in the suburbs of Jerusalem, the Royal Navy refuse to remove a single British national from Port Stanley.

You can be sure:

If there were only Jews living on the Falkland Island, surely United Kingdom, long time ago, would have forced them to return this “occupied area” to Argentina.

Written by Ivar