Norway and the Ayatollah of Iran against Israel in UNESCO

Norway voted for Palestinian membership when UNESCO General Conferance admitted Palestine as a Member of the Organisation.

Jonas Gahr Støre arrived at Utøya in Norway, two days before the massacre. Israel was singled out for a boycott.

A total of 107 countries voted for, 14 voted against, and 52 abstained.

Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs Jonas Gahr Støre commented:

  “Our vote reflects our view that the Palestinian expectations and needs regarding protection of their national cultural heritage are legitimate. It is important that the international community and the Palestinian authorities work together to strengthen control over the cultural heritage in the Palestinian Territory that is at risk due to unclear borders. Membership of UNESCO is an important step forward in this regard.”

Norway’s vote does not imply a formal recognition of the state of Palestine. This question is currently being deliberated in the UN in New York, and Norway will await the outcome of these deliberations.

Norway’s reasoning behind the vote:

  Norway is a strong supporter of Palestinian rights and aspirations for statehood within the framework of international law. Given the difficult circumstances in which the Palestinians work to protect their cultural and natural heritage, we support initiatives that would ensure the protection of this heritage in the Palestinian territory.

Our vote is consistent with the need to recognize the legitimacy of Palestinian aspirations and needs as regards the protection of this heritage. Our national procedures to formally recognize the State of Palestine are still pending.

Norway supports the vision of two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace within secure and recognized borders. A comprehensive just and lasting peace can only be achieved on the basis of a negotiated solution between the parties.


My comment:

To brand the historical site of Bethlehem and Hebron as the property of “Palestine”, Norway joins a particular group of nations. Islamic nations. They want to delete the Bible, and claim that peace in the Middle Eaast must be based on the Koran.

As head of Red Cross of Norway, Gahr Støre greated and did business with Hamas-leader Ismal Hannieh.
Gahr Støre proclaiming the message from “allah”, in a mosque in Oslo this summer. The Crown Price of Norway and state bishop of Oslo are listening.

After July 22nd, the Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre entered into a Mosque in Oslo. He want up on the pul pit, opened a Koran and read.

In the Koran, Abraham (Ibrahim) does not have a son named Isaac. If there it no Isaac, there will be no Jacob, and no Jewish tribes.  The state of Israel is a political gathering of a people that do not exit, and the Zionist statehood should be dissolved, and a “proper Islam state proclaimed”.

The Koran also claim that Jesus (Isa) is not a divine Son of God, but merely a mortal man, a prophet.

The lies about “Palestine” have no been told so many times to “Christians” in Norway, that even pastors have started to promote them.

Norway have become like an Islamic lighthouse of Scandinavia. More supportive of Radical Islam, than many nations like Turkey, Syria and Yemen.

It will not be surprised if Jonas Gahr Støre is claiming that the Christian “god” and “allah” are the same.  Like Barack Hussein Obama, he should come out of the closet.

By listening and supporting men like Jonas Gahr Støre, the Norwegian society have become a hell bound group of lawless people. On if they repent, they will be saved from the coming Wrath of God of Israel.

First published: 8th of November, 2011.

Written by Ivar

5 thoughts on “Norway and the Ayatollah of Iran against Israel in UNESCO

  1. It’s very interesting to watch all of this unfold right before our eyes!
    To be in this generation at this time in Biblical Prophecy seeing History come to pass…awesome…one can only in fear, and have great awe at The Hand of God in all of this, to bring about his plan. What “A Mighty God” we serve! Yes unless they repent they too will know the Wrath of God. Our prayers are ever increasing for individuals as well as Nations. For they all will bow the knee before The Lord of Glory! Thanks for keeping up with the World News thru the eyes of the spirit by The Spirit, also!

  2. “During the dry season in ancient Egypt the lions of the desert came close to the valley of the Nile when the river flooded which used to happen when the Sun was in the Leo constellation.”

    There are two lions and they both fight for a cause they both need to drink to quench their thirst one needs the living waters to survive the other needs human blood to quench its thirst and to survive.

    The life giving Sun is for flooding to prevent death and give life.

    The second ancient visiting Sun from Orion which is now in the Leo constellation at its paw, brings death.

    The enlightened lion takes its spiritual food from Above and receives Life.

    The deceived lion takes its spiritual food from below and receives death.

    This cross over results in the victims who would be killed, among them the true Christian vine and the true Jewish vine, they receive Eternal Life.

    The killer who is drunk from blood does not inherit the earth. They were deceived by THE BEAST and its many daughters, harlots who refused correction by The Word of God, she is the source of witchcraft of 2000 years, the origin of the source being The Vatican and Islam is one of her daughters = all of them are deceived.


    The false Christian vine has no inheritance.

    Islam therefore has no inheritance.

    People who kill don’t have God.

    The deceived will never enjoy this beautiful earth ever again !

    Everything we see and touch has never belonged to us to begin with.

    Those who played God and still refuse to repent cannot receive eternal life.

    1. Mrs. M,

      You said: People who kill don’t have God.

      My Comment: But ALL who repent from there sins, and accept Jesus Christ as there Savior, have been given a new life, because God is Just and Holy!

      Acts 3:19 Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord,

      Your comment: There are two lions and they both fight for a cause they both need to drink to quench their thirst one needs the living waters to survive the other needs human blood to quench its thirst and to survive.

      My comment: Are you a Christian? It seems you are here to speak confusion, mixed in with some sort of intent to deceive. Do you follow Jesus, completely?

  3. Question ”What ”is” the cultural heritage of the Palestinians? I know that their ‘future’ is, just not sure what the consensus is about the Cultural Heritage of the Palestinians are.

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