Two Cartoon´s for the full week

A good Cartoon often tells the story in a better way than 1000 words

One thought on “Two Cartoon´s for the full week

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  1. If you read in the Bible the (x) wise men came to a house when Yahushua was a toddler.Luke 2 census took place in early fall when weather was nice.not in winter when it was cold and rainy making travel risky.Sheperds took their flocks in by october cuase of cold and less forage.none in field in dec.
    Matthew 2:8..go search diligently for the young child…(not infant or baby) 2:11 and when they came into the HOUSE(not manger),they saw the YOUNG CHILD(toddler of almost 2)remember Herod had all boys 2 and under killed.2:16

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