Catholic, Muslim and Communist nations voted for an International Zone to be established in Jerusalem in 1949.

Anything but Jewish control over Jerusalem was acceptable to Catholics, Muslims and Communists in 1949.

Who were the supporter of a United Nation resolution that tried to block Jews from gaining control over their ancient capital?

You might not be surprised that the Muslim block in the United Nations, voted for a resolution that opted for an International zone to be established in Jerusalem in 1949. It was to be called a “Special International regime”.

Lets take a look at the resolution:

International Regime for Jerusalem, General Assembly Resolution 303 (IV), 9 December 1949:

(1) The City of Jerusalem shall be established as a corpus separatum under a special international regime and shall be administered by the United Nations;

In spite of the vehement opposition of Israel and Jordan, the General Assembly restated its aim that Jerusalem be placed under a permanent international regime, and the Trusteeship Council was called upon to prepare a Statute for the city.

The Resolution was adopted by 38 votes in favour, 14 against, 7 abstentions, Most of the Catholic, Moslem and Communist States voted for.

It might be rather surprising that the Communist block voted for the same resolution, together with the block of Catholic nations like Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Not so strange: The same antisemitic block of nations today, tries to rob the control over Jerusalem from the Jewish people.

Who voted against the formation of an International Zone in Jerusalem?

Not surprisingly, all the reformed Christian nations of the Western Civilization.

What does this tell us?

A simple message. Jesus promised to bless people who loved Him for a thousand generations.  He used reformed Christian nations to block the devils plans of denying Jewish control over Jerusalem, a control they will not loose before the  appointed time.

A special regime, that will be ruled by the Vatican.

When the Jewish freedom fighters ended British occupation over Western Jerusalem, the Kingdom of Jordan invaded and occupied East Jerusalem.

It was interesting to study the documents available on the website of the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

You should take a look your self.

Please also take a look at the special regime”, planed by the “Old City of Jerusalem Initiative”, an ecumenical body formed to complete the devils task delayed by 62 years.

Written by Ivar