67 per cent of liberal Israelis stand firm on Zionism

Two thirds of liberal Israelis claim Jerusalem is liberated, not to be divided, but to stand united.

Jerusalem has been liberated. Zionism secure religious freedom for all faiths.
Jerusalem was liberated in 1967.  Zionism secure religious freedom for all faiths.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday rejected international criticism of plans to build thousands more Jewish homes in Jerusalem.

“Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the State of Israel, and we will continue to build there,” he said, adding that Israelis overwhelmingly believed in a “united Jerusalem.”

A poll published Tuesday in Ha’aretz said that 67 per cent of center-left voters do not favor dividing Jerusalem – meaning handing over east Jerusalem to the Palestinians. Many other voters oppose giving up any territory at all.
Interior Ministry spokeswoman Efrat Orbach said a Jerusalem planning committee approved 700 homes for Arab residents on Tuesday.

Source: AP

My comment:

It is good news that even liberal Israelis stand firm on Zionism.

Jerusalem was liberated in 1967, and is the capital of Israel only. As Washington D.C and London can never become the capital of two nations, nor can Jerusalem.

Because there are living some hundred thousands Foreign nationals in South London, it would be ridiculous to claim this part of London to be “occupied” by United Kingdom. That this part of the city should be “liberated” by armed “resistance”, and made into the capital of a new nation.

Shame on the people who want to put up a “Berlin wall” in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.

True followers of Jesus the Messiah stand united with the Jewish people on this issue.

Written by Ivar

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