Egypt elected an anti-Western dictatorship

The Salafists are the storm troopers of the new Anti-Western dictatorship lead by the Muslim Brotherhood.

The elected assembly in Cairo has equal respect for democracy as the assembly of Germany in 1933.
The elected assembly in Cairo has equal respect for democracy as the assembly of Germany in 1933.

This is the warning from Barry Rubin, Political commentator in Israel. This is what he writes in one of his latest reports:

The victory in the referendum on the constitution is the latest Muslim Brotherhood success in the process of transforming Egypt into a radical Islamist state.

It isn’t that the constitution explicitly mandates a revolutionary Sharia state. Rather, the constitution sets up a framework that will allow the Brotherhood to do so.

  What is most disturbing is not that the U.S. is supporting this regime, but that it is not even suspicious of the Egyptian government’s intentions and behavior.

It thinks the Brotherhood is going to curb the Salafists, while it actually uses them as storm troops.

If the U.S. gives it money and support, the Brotherhood will use that to consolidate its rule while mobilizing the people against the United States.

If Washington doesn’t, the Brotherhood will then mobilize the people even more effectively against the U.S.

Source: Barry Rubin:

My comment:

It its good we have men like Barry Rubin. He search for the truth, and are willing to tell people the truth.

The US has a problem in the Muslim World. Washington has for decades supported military dictators in the Middle East, who brutally have suppressed its own people.

Why do the US expect “popular uprisings” to become inspired by “Western values”?

Dictator Hosni Mubarak received billions of dollars from the US to secure his powers. His rule was secular, and the Muslim Brotherhood was banned.  When you let the genie out of the bottle, it is difficult to get it back in.

For the last 1400 years, Muslims have been told to enforce Sharia Laws on their culture and societies.  The Middle Age style of governance has surely brought pain, agony and curses on the people who live in submission of “allah” and his messenger.

Also when Muslims chose sharia in “democratic elections”, the end result and fruits will be the same.

The rabid Jew-hate of the Muslim Brotherhood, and their Fascists inspired type of governance, will only make these matters worse.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “Egypt elected an anti-Western dictatorship

  1. For years Western nations have preached the gospel of democratic government.

    The Arab spring has been perceived to be the adoption of democracy in the middle east.

    Democracy dictates that the majority of electors choose the government for the people, but history shows us in Britain that the majority are always wrong.

    In 1979, the overwhelming majority elected Margaret Thatcher, yet the majority now hate her and the policies she introduced.

    In 1997 the overwhelming majority elected Tony Blair, he led us into war by telling lies about weapons that did not exist.

    Yeshua taught

    Matthew 7 verses 13 – 14

    13 “Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many.
    14 For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.

    It should come as no surprise that the world being run by majority rule is getting steadily worse because only a few really accept who will govern it the right way, they wait patiently for Him.

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