The hypocrisy on Israel by occupying nations

EU-leaders accuse Israel of occupying half of its own capital. While no one complain about France occupying half of St. Martin, 6715 kilometer southwest of Paris.

The UN must condemn the illegal settlements in this island, just of the coast of Venezuela.
The UN must condemn the illegal settlements on this island, just off the coast of Venezuela.

It might be strange to some of the readers why the United Nations do not condemn the “french settlements” on St. Martins, and demands an halt to all constructions on this island.

Because the French settlers was not the first to “occupy” this island. It was “discovered” by Chistopher Columbus in 1493 A.D, an admiral who worked for the King of Spain. Some natives were forced from their houses when the Spaniards came, and “occupied” the island.

Another problem with the “occupying power” of France, is that the southern parts of St. Martin is claimed by the Queen of Holland.  The illegal settlers have fought more than a dozen battles for the control of this island, which is a little bit longer in distance North-South, than the distance from Jerusalem to Ramallah. That is about 12 kilometer.

The "occupying powers" should hand over the illegal settlements in this area.
The “occupying powers” should hand over the illegal settlements in this area.

Lets take a look at the list of wars that has made this “occupied territory”, full of  “illegal European settlements”.

March 23, 1648 — Divided into French (north) and Dutch (south) zones (Dutch zone subordinate to Sint Eustatius until 1672).
1679–1689 — French occupy entire island.
1689–1792 — Dutch zone under Dutch West India Company administration.
1690–1699 — English occupy entire island.
1699–1702 — French occupy entire island.
1703–1717 — Dutch occupy entire island.
February 24, 1779 – February 3, 1781 — French occupy entire island.
February 3, 1781 – November 26, 1781 — British occupy entire island.
May 18, 1793 – April 5, 1794 — Dutch administer entire island.
April 29, 1795 – March 24, 1801 — French occupy entire island.
March 24, 1801 – December 1, 1802 — British occupy entire island.
July 9, 1810 — Annexed along with the Netherlands by France (not effected).
1810–1816 — British occupy entire island.
1816 — French and Dutch zones restored.

Let us send a letter to United Nations (UN), and demand a boycott of the products produced on this “occupied territory”, and stop trading with the nations that support the “illegal settlements” in this area.

Let us demand that all illegal properties to be demolished, or handed over to the natives, so they can form a new “St. Martin state” and make it a member of the United Nations.

There were 77.741 souls living on these “occupied territories”, as of January 1st 2009.

Written by Ivar

5 thoughts on “The hypocrisy on Israel by occupying nations

  1. very interesting ….thank you for sharing! some facts should be made public even if the liars don’t want it known, and/or won’t do anything about should still be made ‘known’ …it is a LIE NONE THE LESS 🙂

  2. Exactly, as I have said before, my country England founded the biggest empire the world has known and yet the Government here condemns Israel for allegedly occupying its own land that it captured legally from an enemy whom tried to destroy them, the British Government occupies Diego Garcia in th eIndian Ocean and allows the US to park its B52’s there as base and the poor people of Diego Garcia were expelled and sent to mauritius. My nation is a hypocritical nation just like every nation including the US, Russia, France, Spain, certainly the islamic nations, Australia etc etc.

    1. Dear Paul.


      You are absolutely correct. I will correct the article. Thanks.

      Now it is written: “an admiral who worked for the King of Spain”.

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