EU trade with “Occupied Palestinian Territory”

An agreement for further liberalization of agricultural products, fish and fishery products entered into force on first of January  2012.

The EU has copied the language and PLO-ideology of Abu Mazen alias Mahmoud Abbas
The EU has copied the language and PLO-ideology of Abu Mazen alias Mahmoud Abbas

An Interim Association Agreement on Trade and Cooperation was concluded between the EU and the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) on behalf of the Palestinian Authority in 1997.

The agreement provides for duty-free access to EU markets for Palestinian industrial goods, and a phase-out of tariffs on EU exports to Palestine over five years.

The EU claim Israel is an "occupying power".
The EU claim Israel is an “occupying power”.

Trading with Occupied Palestinian Territory
•    Rules and requirements for trading with Occupied Palestinian Territory
◦    Importing into the EU from Occupied Palestinian Territory
▪    EU trade defence measures on imports from Occupied Palestinian Territory
◦    Exporting from the EU to Occupied Palestinian Territory
▪    Export rules on food and plant health
▪    Trade defence measures in force in Occupied Palestinian Territory
•    Trade relations are part of the EU’s overall political and economic relations  with Occupied Palestinian Territory.
•    The Palestinian Authority has applied to be an observer at the World Trade Organisation.

For more information on the EU’s technical assistance programmes to the  Palestinian Territory and European Neighbourhood Policy Instrument projects visit the website of the EU Technical Assistance Office in Jerusalem.

Source: The European Commission

My comment:

As long as the EU call the Mountains of Zion as “occupied”, the Union defame the Jewish people as brutal occupiers.

What about the British occupation of this area from 1917 to 1948?

Whose land was it the United Kingdom took by force in 1917 and occupied?

Did the British forces liberate this area from Ottoman Turkish occupation?

Our selected words are important.  If the mountains of Zion are “occupied”, so are also cities like Haifa and Nazareth. The formation of Israel in 1948, do not represent a “liberation” of this area. The war in 1948, was no war of independence.

If we use the word “occupation”, we proclaim that the Jews has stolen this land from “peaceful Arabs”. The Jews better go back to Germany or Poland in mainland EU, and search for their homes in the rubble of the Holocaust.

It is a complete disgrace that the EU use this kind of language in regards to Israel. The politicians in Europe use the same phrases as Islamic Jihad, Iran and the Hamas.

The World stands united against God of Israel. I am pretty sure who will win this battle.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “EU trade with “Occupied Palestinian Territory”

  1. We know if the Jews are not on their land, nothing will grow. the arabs had to call them back to help them in Gaza. and yes we all know Israel will belong to the Jews forever.amien

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