Pope bow before giant idol of Queen of Heaven

“Mary was conceived without sin “speaks to us of joy, that authentic joy that spreads in a heart freed from sin,”

The fire department in Rome honor the Queen of Heaven on top of a pillar.
The fire department in Rome honor the Queen of Heaven on top of a pillar.

These are the words of the Pope, bowing and praying before a giant idol at the Spanish steps in Rome.

Standing before a statue of Mary near the Spanish Steps, in the midst of Rome’s ritzy shopping district, Pope Benedict said Mary is a reminder that silence is essential for hearing God’s word, that salvation comes from God alone and that joy comes from being freed of sin.

The Pope bow, kneel and pray in front of the pagan Queen.
The Pope bow, kneel and pray in front of the pagan Queen.

That Mary was conceived without sin “speaks to us of joy, that authentic joy that spreads in a heart freed from sin,” the Pope said, sitting before a column topped with a statue of Mary erected in honor of the Immaculate Conception.
”Sin brings with it sadness,” the Pope said.

“In Mary, in fact, the relationship with God that sin breaks is fully alive and active,” he said. “There is no opposition between God and her being; there is full communion and understanding.”

The Pope prayed that through the intercession of Mary, God would “grant us the grace to reject sin and persevere in the grace of baptism.”

Source: Catholic Register

My comment:

Let us take a deeper look at the latest statements of the Pope.

1. Mary was born without sin.
2. Sin brings with it sadness.
3. Relationships with God breaks sin.
4. There is no opposition between God and her being; there is full communion and understanding.”

Let us take a look at the statements one by one.

1. Mary was born without sin.

The Bible explains that all men have sinned. And since the mother of Jesus was a Jewess that offered a sin offering in the Temple, she was surely a sinner.

 Romans 3:23

for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,

2. Sin brings with it sadness.

The Bible explains that sins brings death. And sins all of us have sinned, we all deserve to judged and sent to hell.  Sins do not have to bring sadness at all. Some people take pleasure in sin, and live a life of indulgence.

  Romans 6:23

 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

3. Relationships with God breaks sin.

The Bible explains that only the blood of Jesus can “break sin”. Many people claim to have a “relationship with God”, but do not accept that without being cleansed by the blood of Jesus, there is no salvation.

4. There is no opposition between God and her being; there is full communion and understanding.

The Bible explains that there is no one who do good. Not a single human being. Only God is good.  We are all disconnected from Him, and in our sins we will perish.

 Romans 3:9.

What shall we conclude then? Are we any better? Not at all! We have already made the charge that Jews and Gentiles alike are all under sin.

As it is written:

 “There is no one righteous, not even one; there is no one who understands,
no one who seeks God.
 All have turned away,
 they have together become worthless;
 there is no one who does good,
 not even one.

The Bible is crystal clear that all of God’s creation have sinned. Also the Jewish mother of Jesus. Like her, we all need to repent and be saved. Only by surrendering to Jesus the Messiah, and accepting His Lordship as savior and God, we can be saved.

  Romans 11:32

For God has bound all men over to disobedience so that he may have mercy on them all.

In conclusion:

On top of this pillar in Rome stands a idol that can never be the Mother of Jesus. It is one of the many copies of the pagan Queen of Heaven, falsely presented as a Jewess that gave birth to the Messiah.

The Pope claims that the Queen of Heaven is his mother. She is.

The Pope is the head of a pagan religion, that is mixed up with claimed to be “Christian” objects. The Pope use some Bible verses to defend his ideology, but falsify and twist the true gospel message.

The pagan adoration of the Queen of Heaven, has always provoked God of the Bible to anger.

  Jeremiah 7:18

The children gather wood, the fathers light the fire, and the women knead the dough and make cakes of bread for the Queen of Heaven. They pour out drink offerings to other gods to provoke me to anger.

Get out of this religious movement.

All of these statements made by the Pope, are parts of a different gospel, that leads people on the path to death and destruction.

“Roman Catholic Mary” is not the mother of Jesus, but a copy-cat invented in Rome.

If not you will face judgment, and you will perish. Give your life to Jesus of the Bible, and obey Him. Amen.

Written by Ivar

8 thoughts on “Pope bow before giant idol of Queen of Heaven

  1. So few really want to believe these truths you and many tell all …We have a (finally) a Bible Fellowship weekly. (Which use to only have food for the body on the table and ‘no Bibles except mine’ to be seen by all..It use to be ‘just the wives of the men who do a Bible Fellowship (study out of a book that has scriptures in it, I was invited as a guest). After several months of telling them I am not interested in chit chat I’d rather be in the room where the men are with the Bibles out at least there are discussions there. Or I’d just not want to be there. Well finally we have the Bibles on the restaurant tables where we gather…and this last week I was surprised to hear one woman say ”Jews can never <~~NEVER repent" They are not allowed to only the Gentiles can repent and be saved. Only the 'New Testament' is the Truth we are to listen to. When I asked what do you do with the other 39 books of The Word of God? I was told they are only our examples to let us know that if we do what the Jews did we can't repent either. ''Where oh where do these people get these lunatic beliefs. ( think the Pentecostal teachings has gone to many a head to bring them to the very brinks of destruction!) One lady is full of 'defending the Catholic religion as 'just another religion' we all have our ways to get to God. You can see the lies and deceit in the Christmas Cards sent to people each year. How Mary is elevated and Jesus Christ is lowered and lowered as at Easter she holds the naked form of the body of Jesus in her arms with a cloth draped over his lower part of his body. Truly this Jesus we serve will be one many will want to destroy 'again'…because He gives us the choice to believe His Word 'or rip it out and re-write our own' ..and that is what I tell these also…after I show them in His Word what He says about any topic we cover…yet sadly it's ''Well I don't believe He means that, the Original says this the Greek says this and Pastor Big-Head-know-it-all says this…….!!"

    As I read this and thankfully aware that the Lord God has opened my eyes and praying He will open theirs as well. I see in this post, the blasphemy this man the Pope is leading countless millions to the Gates of Hell.. as my grandson says, ''You said, If they want Jesus they will be found of Him, if they don't they will run after the ''glitter'' that lets them have their own way all the time" You know sometimes we think our family don't listen to us….then they come out with our words that wind up even comforting us.

    Brethren it is getting harder and harder to speak His Word, with a Peace in our hearts without the fact of the witness they don't want to hear it!!! Even in my work I do daily, I see so many who are hungry for His Word and their families seem to tell them ''Pray to Mary and/or 'just do good, God is a loving God he won't send anyone to hell'' The money many profit on His Word is so blackened it's horrible to even think of it let alone touch their lies.

  2. Andre,
    You said at this Bible fellowship they said that Jews can never repent, only Gentiles can. We’re do they get that from. The bible is
    Full of examples where they repented and in the New Testament
    Which think is all we need starts out quickly with Jews repenting. My goodness, John the Baptist was telling them to repent and be baptized and they were. They are mixed up people. God bless you in attending that fellowship. You have your hands full with them.

    1. I know…it’s crazy…it scares me to tell the truth about what I am hearing in many situations,places etc…the scripture that comes to mind is….He’ll take what we have and give it to another..I actually choked on my water that night (smile)…but she was terribly sincere in her belief…Well Todd, there are many who are just as mix-up and no matter how much we try to tell them, they’ll hold on to their belief in spite of the Truth right before their eyes…the biggest thing I still get is …’I find that hard to believe, where is that in the Bible, you show them and they always come back with I never saw that there, I don’t believe it really means that, after all it’s not the original text ya know and we all know man wrote it… (so in all actuality they really don’t want to know the Truth!…some I’ve even told ‘Look it up if you really really care and want to know what God has to say’…and 9 1/2 times out of 10…I always get…I don’t have time for all that, I’m saved, God won’t really sent people to hell, he’s a loving God, and besides God don’t hold us accountable for things we don’t know)..sadly I tell them …You have His Word right before you, HE said ‘Seek’….when you are told you refuse to believe it, when you are told even by Him ‘to seek it’…you refuse…so this loving God that won’t hold you accountable, nor send you to Hell ‘for eternity’..just for a little while…tell him I said , he did a good job on deceiving you! and I know he is not the One who went to the Cross for you! he’s the false Jesus! (needless to say I don’t win any brownie points and I don’t get any Green Stamps to win a Toaster (smile)..

  3. This is too much for me to wrap my head around, yet I been seeing it for so long and wonder how anyone can fall for this. When John Paul 2 was on TV and he looked out and said he had to go to this statue of Mary and thank her for his healing.I thot, I did not hear that !!! but I did. then he continued to talk of how he had to go to puratory first when he died and pay for some of his sins and then he said I will go to heaven and stand on the right hand side of the Father , pray to me. I about fell of the couch ! The glory at the right and is Yeshua’s power. He said anyone that did not belong to the catholic did not have real Salvation. How anyone can not see the evil in that is blind. The old testament is revealed in the New Testament, the New is concealed in the old. and what G-d did once HE is doing again as there is nothing new under the son. Yeshua taught in parables. I see the world like in the prodical son story. The oldest son represents the gentiles, the younger the Jews. Look at the hate of the older son, and the father as the Father in heaven who did not chase the younger son, but waited for him. gave him the signant ring, killed the best calf and embrased him. and to hear how Yeshua is the ROCK of our Salbation and yet when talking to Peter He was talking of HIMSELF< yet the catholic cult stated their other jesus on peter which is also going to be the last Pope . one way or the other this pope will die or get killed and that last pope will be the false prophet who will lead the world to Rome to be destroyed. even the catholic leaders say they will be destroyed in Rome, yet look at the millions who will be lost. and most will not listen to truth and to G-d's Holy Word. G-d said: it is better to believe G-d than man !! G-d bless you all and shalom, and always pray for the peace of Jerusalem, my heart ! forever. I think of how Obadiah tells us how one day we will rejoice with them..

    1. >>>>He said anyone that did not belong to the catholic did not have real Salvation.<<<

      When I was little, ''all Denominations said the same thing…''If you are not 'this or that' you will not go to Heaven, you are not saved"
      And that was told to the Congregations from the Pulpit, yet to the outside folks, they always 'smiled' and acted like it was Okay to be 'a different denomination'….the Catholics said at that time, 'Give us a child 9 yrs old or younger and they will never go away from the Catholic faith'….

  4. When the protestant daughters of the RCC give away their pagan feasts as well like Christ-mass and Easter-Ishstar (The Queen of Heaven) and eating Easter-Ishstar ham there is no righteous stand to critizize idolatry by the Pope. Dont millions of kids are taught to bow down to the materialistic Jer 10 tree adonerned with the mazda lights after sending letters to satan-santa? Repent and then point to the speck. The Truth will set you free.

  5. and yet Christians feel led to celebrate the Roman Catholic ‘holy day’ of Christ Mass. Not only Christians – the world. But reject the LORD’S Feast Days because they think they’re ‘jewish’. Leviticus 23:4 ‘These are the appointed times of the LORD, holy convocations which you shall proclaim at the times appointed for them.’

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